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High Skin Fade Haircuts Ideas

The high fade is the most distinguishing fade variation that takes place around the corner of your forehead or temple area and gradually fades into your skin. If you want your top to be as highlighted as possible, look no further.

High Curly Top Skin Fade Haircut

Source: javi_thebarber_ via Instagram

High Curly Top Skin Fade Haircut #skinfade #fadehaircut #menhaircuts #highfade

Here’s another idea of the curly high top haircut. Yet, as you may have noticed, the graduation from the top to the sides and back is even more neat and precise, which makes the top be the highlight.

High Skin Fade + Choppy Spiky Top

Source: jackhenrywatson via Instagram

High Skin Fade Choppy Spiky Top #skinfade #fadehaircut #menhaircuts #highfade

This is how the famous disconnected undercut looks like when it’s combined with a high and tight fade. Though this undercut type is meant to focus on the top, the fade will double the effect. As for spiky hair, it builds a fantastic contrast for the look.

French Crop High Skin Fade

Source: z_ramsey via Instagram

French Crop High Skin Fade #skinfade #fadehaircut #menhaircuts #highfade

The French crop cuts are just meant to make bold statements. Men who like refined and audacious cuts opt for a high top haircut with pointed edges like this. Besides the attractive appearance, it can whip coarse and thick hair into decent shape.

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