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Taper Fade Haircuts That Are All The Rage Right Now

A taper fade is something that we would call crowd-pleasing. This haircut is classic, clean, and very versatile.


And women choose a taper fade haircut because it can work both for a night out on the town and for a day at the office.

Tapered fade haircuts are similar to undercut hairstyles. This cut can start from a completely bald area and become gradually lengthy.

Now let’s discover some inspirational looks with tapered fades. It’s worth trying!

Layered Taper Fade

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Layered Taper Fade picture1

Layered Taper Fade picture2
Layered Taper Fade picture3

Layered taper fade haircuts are supposed to bring some dimension to your tresses. Do you believe that your tresses lack that dimension? Then you should totally go for it!


Choppy Taper Fade

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Choppy Taper Fade picture1

Choppy Taper Fade picture2
Choppy Taper Fade picture3

A choppy taper fade is relatively longer, at least if we decide to compare its length with other taper fade haircuts. Those women whose tresses are thicker can sport it.

Flipped Taper Fade Haircut

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Flipped Taper Fade Haircut picture1

Flipped Taper Fade Haircut picture2
Flipped Taper Fade Haircut picture3

To give your haircut some major pizzazz, ask your barber for a flipped taper fade haircut. And these haircuts are done on shorter as well as on longer lengths – however you prefer.


Asymmetrical Taper Fade

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Asymmetrical Taper Fade picture1

Asymmetrical Taper Fade picture2
Asymmetrical Taper Fade picture3

A side parting makes this haircut appear even edgier than typical fade haircuts. Hair stylists point out that asymmetry is an element that never fails at bringing something fresh to any look.

High Taper Fade Haircut

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High Taper Fade Haircut picture1

High Taper Fade Haircut picture2
High Taper Fade Haircut picture3

With the sides and also back parts that are completely bald and a much longer top area, these haircuts are extremely contrasting and will work for the boldest babes.


Taper Fade With Hairline

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Taper Fade With Hairline picture1

Taper Fade With Hairline picture2
Taper Fade With Hairline picture3

Here you can observe haircuts that are often referred to as disconnected undercuts with a fade. Longer hair just gets disconnected suddenly. The sides are typically shorter, comparing to the top.

Natural Taper Fade Cut

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Natural Taper Fade Cut picture1

Natural Taper Fade Cut picture2
Natural Taper Fade Cut picture3

What can we say, African American women love sporting looks that are daring and attention-grabbing! You can go even wilder if you get your tresses dyed in a bright color.

Curly Taper Fade

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Curly Taper Fade picture1

Curly Taper Fade picture2
Curly Taper Fade picture2

Have no idea how to emphasize the beauty of your curls? Here come the three curly fade ideas that you will fall in love with. Edgy temples, neatly tapered sides, and dramatic curly crown. Girls with straight hair can add some texture, creating soft, little curls with a flat iron. As for those who have puffy hair, you’ve got a lovely fade option, too!

Textured Taper Fade Combo

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Textured Taper Fade Combo picture1

Textured Taper Fade Combo picture2
Textured Taper Fade Combo picture3

Textured taper fade is something that even the most creative women can’t imagine. The distinctive contrast between the faded sides and hair on top is something unbelievable: though your hair is short, it still looks lively and voluminous as your crown has a visible lift. To spice it up, don’t be shy to sport this cut with eye-catching colors.

Main photo by Snchezrebeca