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Temp Fade Is A Neat Finish That Can Enhance Any Cut And Style

One may know it as a temp fade, your barber may call it a Brooklyn fade, and some gentlemen prefer to call its full name – temple fade. The truth is, you can call the cut what you like; the point is that it’s on everyone’s lips, and not for nothing.

Whatever haircut or hairstyle you rock can be even more accentuating and beneficial once you go for the clean finish of the fade. To get what we mean, check out the hottest compilation of the men’s modern trend!

What Is A Temp Fade?

What Is A Temp Fade? #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

The temple fade haircut is nothing but a neat, accentuating finish. To achieve it, a steady-handed barber will carve out your hairline giving it a rectangular shape. The best thing about the cut is that it can adapt to any image and give it a sense of immaculacy.

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How To Get A Temp Fade

How To Get A Temp Fade #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

First off, to get the desired look, you need to find a barber that not just knows how to cut a temp fade but can provide you with the sharpness that nicely blends with the rest of your hair. Secondly, it’s better to take a pic of line up hair you want to get and show it to your barber, specifying the details of the design.

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Some Ideas Of Temple Fade Haircut Combinations

The cut has many names and many faces. You can also meet it as a “lineup haircut”, “blow up”, and “box fade”. And you know what? They will all look different while having a similar pattern. In other words, if you want to individualize your look with edgy, masculine vibes, these ideas will come in handy.

High Temple Fade

High Temp Fade #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

Why don’t make an already eye-catching cut even more outstanding with a high fade? The high temp fade above adds a lot of character to the wearer’s look.

Source: kevinluchmun via Instagram

Mid Temp Fade Haircut

Mid Temp Fade Haircut #midfade #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

A mid temp fade haircut can awesomely build the balance for curly chevelures. This mid fade gives a smooth finish to the thick, unruly texture.

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Low Fade With Temp Fade

Low Fade With Temp Fade #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

How about some texture experiments? For curly hair, a low temp fade that mixes the temp with a low fade is real well-groomed salvation.

Source: hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Buzz Cut Temple Fade

Buzz Cut Temple Fade #buzzcut #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

There’s no a temp fade short hair can’t complement. On the contrary, even a simple buzz cut will show up in a new light with such an edgy, modern touch.

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Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

For temple fade curly hair isn’t a problem at all. If you want something clean but bold enough, you can’t go wrong with a Mohawk haircut and burst fade.

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Temp Fade With Hard Part

Temp Fade With Hard Part #hardpart #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

A hard part haircut usually comes with an undercut to form an unbelievably precise and outlined look. And you can make it even bigger, do you get what we mean?

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Three-Section Line Up Haircut

Three-Section Line Up Haircut #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

Needless to say how ravishing the temple fade with beard look together. This rough, sectioned line up is a staggering combination of tidiness and virility.

Source: londonschoolofbarbering via Instagram

Sponge Twist Hairstyles

Sponge Twist Hairstyles #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

The classic idea of Afro temple fade will adapt to any natural hairstyle possible. Whether it’s tight braids or sponge curls, the look will be clean and authentic.

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Fringe Up Temp Fade

Fringe Up Temp Fade #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

While a simple fade haircut can’t accentuate a fringe, the temple fade is something that can outline the top portion at its best.

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Caesar Temple Fade

Caesar Temple Fade #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

A Caesar haircut seems to be an embodiment of all modern hipsters’ trends. To make it even more attention-grabbing, complement the fringe area with a soft temp.

Source: cal_newsome via Instagram

Temple Fade With Quiff Top

Temple Fade With Quiff Top #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

Initially, the men’s taper fade was created to balance out the length contrast on the top and sides. And this time, it adds more sophistication.

Source: javi_thebarber_ via Instagram

Temple Fade + Beard

Temple Fade And Beard #beard #fullbeard #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

Wearing a fade with beard is always a good decision. Though this full beard doesn’t connect with the cut, the subtle fade perfectly smooths things out.

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Temp Fade With Pomp

Temp Fade With Pomp #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

The good-old pompadour hairstyle has never looked so contemporary! Another good thing about the temp is that it can modernize some vintage styles, just like this high top temple fade does!

Source: javi_thebarber_ via Instagram

Cornrows Temp Fade

Cornrows Temp Fade #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

The cornrows men with afro hair will never stop loving also look good with a temple fade. With the neatness of the fade, the cornrows are kept thick and distinctive.

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Temp Fade With Slicked Back

Temp Fade With Slicked Back #undercut #slickback #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

The temple fade will also be there for you to emphasize the dramatic slicked back undercut. It just so happens that slicked back hair looks better with tidy sides.

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Flat Top Temp Fade Haircut

Flat Top Temp Fade Haircut #flattop #blondehair #tempfade #templefade #fade #fadehaircut

The strict military flat top has turned into something that looks like a brand new trend. Yes, this is how the versatility of men’s temp fade works.

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Now that you are familiar with the diversity of the temp fade, you know how to make your daily look big and sophisticated. Choose a design, decide whether you want to mix some fades, and call your barber and tell him it’s time for a new, significant style.

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