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Faded Undercut With Shaved Stripe

Source: adhbrand via Instagram, staygold31 via Instagram, _marcusmedina via Instagram

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Faded Undercut With Shaved Stripe picture2
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What is an undercut haircut for women after all? Well, it’s actually a new definition of freedom. These pictures are here to show you that nobody can stop you when you are about to experiment. And you can see with your own eyes that no power in the world can steal our femininity. These haircuts are not as regular as we are used to seeing on women. But who needs to look ordinary? A shaved stripe is your challenge to everyone. Show people that you are proud to be a woman with a good taste and get yourself a faded undercut! It’s so cool to ruin stereotypes, it’s time for the style revolution! It can be a messy side undercut with a stripe on the sides or a voluminous undercut with a definite hairline connected with a neat stripe. A little tip for truly daring girls: if your hair if very colorful, there’s no way you won’t be noticed.

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