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How To Highlight Your Hair

How To Highlight Your Hair #brunette #highlights

Of course, to achieve perfectly blended and even highlights for dark hair, it’s always better to go leave your mane up to a colorist. But let’s be honest: girls either have no time to spend on searching for a good one or love to experiment with their appearance themselves. Since colorists already know how to highlight hair, here are the basics for home players.

What you need:

  • A pack of Box Dye that is one or two shades lighter than your natural base;
  • A regular brush;
  • A toothbrush;
  • Hair clips for sectioning;
  • A pair of gloves;
  • An old T-shirt;
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Vaseline

How to:

  1. Start with third-day hair: colors adapt better to greasy locks. Before getting to the coloring process, brush your hair thoroughly to make sure there are no knots or tangles.
  2. Wear a T-shirt that you are ready to sacrifice for the new color and put on your gloves.
  3. Then, apply vaseline along the hairline, also paying attention to your neck, ears, and forehead.
  4. Decide how and where you want to place your highlights. For fine and thin hair, it’s better to work with thin strands, spacing the sections evenly. As for thicker, curly chevelures, place the sections sparsely.
  5. Mix the developer and colorant based on the instructions on the box.
  6. Part your hair in any way you like.
  7. Apply the dye onto your hair with the help of a toothbrush. It’s an awesome trick for achieving better color precision.
  8. When coloring your hair, keep in mind that your highlights should get heavier in the front portion.
  9. So as not to make the color dull, don’t forget to add some light to the lower layers.
  10. Leave the color in for the specified amount of time and then wash and condition your locks.

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram

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