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Ashy Highlights

Ashy Highlights #brunette #highlights

Now, it’s time to get inspired! Let’s start with a color combo that embraces an overwhelming trend of silver hair. Though white is the opposite of black, the black hair with silver highlights achieves a better color play, accentuating dark locks effortlessly.
Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram

Dark Chocolate Walnut

Dark Chocolate Walnut #brunette #brownhair #highlights

This color looks just as attractive as it sounds. It also proves that black hair with brown highlights actually can go well together. To get that lovely transition, ensure that the brown accents are just a tone lighter than the base.
Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram

Golden Lights

Golden Lights #brunette #highlights #blondehair

Believe it or not, the golden hue that enlivens this dark primary is achieved with a mix of brown shades. If you spice up your black hair with caramel highlights and finish it with dark brunette ones, you will get such organic color movement.
Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

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