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Magenta Lights On Black Hair

Magenta Lights On Black Hair #brunette #highlights #redhair

There’s a magical way to go for purple highlights for dark hair and still look effortless. Magenta color, which is a mix of purple and deep red colors, will nicely complement your dark shade, looking as if your hair has been kissed by the sun.

Source: prettylittleombre via Instagram

Wine Red Highlights

Wine Red Highlights #brunette #highlights #redhair

We can’t have too much wine colors in our life, can we? Some burgundy, garnet or merlot colors can make your hair look like never-ending Friday!

Source: makeupbyfrances via Instagram

There are no limits to your imagination when you are about to get highlights. Now that you’ve seen today’s black hair with highlights ideas, you know what techniques and color combinations will come out ravishingly for sure, so there’s no way your new color will end up being a failure!

Main photo by Hairby_chrissy