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Magenta Lights On Black Hair

Magenta Lights On Black Hair #brunette #highlights #redhair

There’s a magical way to go for purple highlights for dark hair and still look effortless. Magenta color, which is a mix of purple and deep red colors, will nicely complement your dark shade, looking as if your hair has been kissed by the sun.
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Wine Red Highlights

Wine Red Highlights #brunette #highlights #redhair

We can’t have too much wine colors in our life, can we? Some burgundy, garnet or merlot colors can make your hair look like never-ending Friday!
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Soft Brownish Lights

Soft Brownish Lights #brunette #blackhair #highlights

Although highlights are meant to accentuate a base, they should not necessarily be bright and contrastive. You may think that black and brown won’t go well together until you actually give them a try. Here, you can see how harmonically they can blend: the brownish hint makes this dark hair color appear smoother, thus making it look alive and organic.
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