If you want to have all eyes on you, consider a dragon braid. It can hardly be called effortless, so it will most likely not work for someone with a beginner level of braiding skills. Yet, the final result fully pays off with tons of compliments you are going to rake in. Ready to rock the style that will become the talk of the town? Feel free to study our guide, where we have broken down everything you want to know about dragon braids, from styling ideas to step by step tutorials.


Why Is It Called Dragon Braid?

Why Is It Called Dragon Braid?
by @lettileipuri

But first, let's learn the meaning of a dragon braid. It is not hard to guess that the name comes from the resemblance of the braid to the scales that dragons have along their spine. The same bumps have crocodiles and alligators on their backs. So, you can still spot the pattern nowadays in its natural habitat.

This braid style comes out so impactful and bold, that it is usually accompanied by an outfit with the same vibe. What is more, you can style your hair when it is both wet and dry. It is also a great way to tame your kinky locks if you struggle to deal with flyaways.


Hairstyles Ideas with Dragon Braid

Of course, there is a myriad of ways to wear a dragon braid. To infuse you with some inspiration, we have picked out the coolest dragon braided hairstyles and put them together below. Now your task is to choose the one that appeals to you most or try them all in case you cannot decide.

Multidimensional Dragon Hairstyle

A multidimensional braid is essentially a four-strand braid. But you should start braiding your hair from the very top. Here is how to do it:

  1. Take a section of hair in the front and divide it into four equal strands.

  2. Cross the second strand over the first strand as well as the fourth strand over the third strand.

  3. Place the first strand over the fourth strand.

  4. Add some hair from the side to the second strand and repeat the previous two steps.

  5. Once you reach the bottom of the head, pull all the hair together and secure it with an elastic band.

  6. Divide the ponytail into four even parts and braid a four strand braid.

  7. Tie it with an elastic on the end.


Dragon Loop Braid

A loop dragor braid, aka a pull-through dragon hair braid, turns out very attractive while being quite easy to achieve. To get the look, you need to do the following:

  1. Tie the front section of the hair on top with an elastic band.

  2. Tie another elastic around it, but a couple of inches lower than the previous one.

  3. Grab a section of hair from the right side and from the left side and tie them together underneath the ponytail.

  4. Make a loop in the top ponytail and pull the bottom ponytail through it.

  5. Tie two ponytails together, indenting several inches from the previous elastic band.

  6. Keep on pulling the hair through the loops until you reach the end.

Braided Dragon Tail

One of the best things about a dragon braid is its versatility. If you do not want to braid all of your hair, you do not have to. As a low key alternative, you can go for a dragon tail braid:

  1. Braid the hair from top to bottom, using a braiding technique of your choice.

  2. As soon as you reach the neck, gather the hair in a low ponytail and tie it with an elastic band.

  3. Wrap a strand of hair around the elastic to hide it and secure the tip with a bobby pin.


Side and Dragon Braids

You are free to combine dragon with other braid types to end up with a unique and quirky hairstyle. For instance, pair dragon braided hair with side braids this way:

  1. Divide the hair into three sections – two on each side of the head and one in the middle.

  2. Braid several side braids using the hair on the sides.

  3. Braid a dragon braid with the center section and weave side braids into it.

  4. Keep on braiding the hair until you get to the end and secure it with an elastic band.

Dragon Pull Through French Braid

This may seem like a hard nut to crack, but the pull through French dragon braid is totally worth it.

  1. Separate a piece of hair above the ear and split it into three sections.

  2. Start braiding a regular French braid.

  3. When adding the hair from the section near your ear, take a narrow strand out of it and secure it outside the braid.

  4. Add some hair to the bottom section. Place it over the mid section.

  5. Yet again, separate a piece of hair from the strand near your ear and secure it outside.

  6. Pull the first secured piece of hair under the braid and weave it into the bottom strand, adding some hair to it.

  7. Place the joint strand over the middle section.

  8. Now do the same to the opposite side section.

  9. Once you have created several stitches, pull out the loops you have made with the secured hair.

  10. Repeat the previous steps until you reach the end of your hair.

  11. Fasten the hairstyle with an elastic band.

Dragon Braid with Brightly Colored Strands

Dragon Braid with Brightly Colored Strands
by @sass.and.braids

You can add interest to your dragon braided hair by incorporating some colorful strands. There is no specific dragon braid tutorial on this style, as it is up to you to decide how to pull it off. Yet, here are some general recommendations:

  1. When braiding the hair, try to divide it so that the colorful strands are defined.

  2. Tug on the stitches to add volume and airiness to your look.

  3. Choose colors that will appear striking against your natural hair color.

  4. Optionally, you may want to bleach some strands beforehand to make the color show up.


Dragon Braid Men Ideas

With a dragon braid men look as cool as women do, if not more. So, no wonder that it is so popular among guys with long hair. Not only does a dragon braid male style allows men to take the hair away from the face so it does not get in the way, but it also gives off a very masculine, Viking vibe. Moreover, men often put a twist on the style by complementing it with an undercut or a fade on the sides.

How To Do A Dragon Braid - Basic Tutorial

Messy Dragon Braid
by @inspobyelvirall

While every braider has their own approach to creating a perfect dragon braid, there is a basic braiding technique that we all start with. So, here is how to do a dragon braid step by step:

  1. Divide your hair into two equal sections with a middle parting. Clip one section away.

  2. Start braiding the other section using a three strand Dutch braiding technique. Yet, make sure you add extra strands only to the outer side of the braid.

  3. Keep braiding until you reach the nape. Check if the inner side of the braid is straight and neat.

  4. Pull out the inner stitches of the braid to create voluminous ridges on top.

  5. Finish off this side of the braid by braiding the rest of the hair using a three strand braid technique.

  6. Pull out the inner stitches as well to make them pop.

  7. Tie the braid with an elastic band on the end.

  8. Push the braids toward each other and pin the popped up stitches together to create the appearance of a single ridge.

  9. Add several spritzes of a hair spray as a finishing touch.

Now that you are fully prepared to sport a dragon braid, you should not postpone it. Although it may feel a little tricky to braid your hair at first, you are sure to master the look with a little practice and persistence. Plus, you can always adjust a dragon braided hairstyle to your skills.