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Yellow Emo Hair

Source: madelineraemason via Instagram, prettylittleombre via Instagram, simply_alternative via Instagram

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Usually, people associate the emo image with emotional distress, melancholy, and loneliness. But nowadays emo adolescents and teenagers are not really into such pessimistic feelings. Instead, they point out that they are just overly emotional and sensitive, so to say hiding from that harsh world that surrounds them. And they express these feelings with their looks. Also, we should indicate it again: today emo hairstyles are not all-black. To the contrary, a contemporary emo hair girl is more likely to appear creative and super vivid, experiment with her hair color.

You can notice this shift in these emo haircut images. These yellow hair ideas offer that unique, unexpected twist desired by the emo soul. The brightness of these looks is super loud, acidic, we would even say futuristic. And some messiness can pair well with these yellow shades.

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