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Blue Shades For Emo Girls

Source: hallucineon via Instagram, philipwolffhair via Instagram, theledabunny via Instagram

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Lob With Blue Shades For Emo Girls #emohair #hairstyles #bluehair #longbob
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We really love these emo haircut girl images. Blue is a super fun color, and it is also a bit shocking, but in a good way. In case you do decide to go that wild, it is advisable to pick a shade of blue that will be true to you. Stick to these rules:

  • Bright blue works great for babes with fair skin.
  • Is your skin not porcelain but still very light? Go for baby blue.
  • In case you have a medium complexion, try cobalt blue that is medium in its essence, as well.
  • Is your complexion olive? Then blue with a green tint will compliment you.
  • And babes with dark skin should go for navy blue.
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