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Icy Vanilla

Icy Vanilla #haircolorchart #blondehair

As the name of this coolish light masterpiece suggests, it’s meant to adjust the temperature of your look to the lowest setting. Needless to say, the combination of pale platinum and whitish shades of blonde are nothing but the best match to pale complexions. And do you know how it works? Since the main tone is very cold, cool skin tones appear warmer with them, which is a win for pale queens who’d like to have a little blush.
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Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde #haircolorchart #blondehair

Though natural blonde speaks for itself, many ladies tend to define it as the purest shade of blonde. In case you’re one of them, let us dispel this myth for you. In fact, natural blonde hair color is a mixture of various blonde shades. It may embrace soft caramel, neutral, and ashy hues melting together. Also, natural blonde is never the same, and it’s actually possible to achieve it with a color job. This idea, for example, consists of a light caramel base and muted platinum undertone. As a result, it fits both warm and light complexions. Yes, blonde hair color chart is impressive.
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Latte Blonde

Latte Blonde #haircolorchart #blondehair

More milk, less coffee, please! Latte blonde seems to be the perfect compromise for those who are stuck between brunette and blonde sides. The roots are responsible for the light coffee scent, while beige blonde gives a soft, foamy appearance. Together, they will work as a tasteful dose of caffeine that will energize your every hairstyle.
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