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Red Hair

Every woman knows that each shade of red hair color chart is to die for. It’s no secret that we can’t help ourselves and get envy when a pale lady with red hair passes by. And we all know that it’s quite a rare thing to meet a natural redhead, which makes this color even more desirable. Taking into account all these facts, we can’t leave you without the most beautiful red hair shades. Girls with light to medium skin tones, here are some more head-turning ideas!

Gentle Light Auburn Hair

Gentle Light Auburn Hair #redhair #longhair

Light auburn hair color is a perfect step towards red hair world for those who have naturally brown hair. This shade of red blends light golden, reddish, and soft brown hues, so starting with your brown base will be an excellent idea. It’s not drastic, yet the red undertones are always in the spotlight, so you can stay loyal to your color with a touch of an experiment.
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Seductive Auburn Hair Color

Seductive Auburn Hair Color #redhair #longhair #bangs

Indecisive ladies who dream of pulling off red colors but can’t leave their brown comfort zone will love this auburn hair color. Mainly because this shade is a love child of the brownish base and vibrant warm red tint that gives very effortless looks for those who sport it. Also, this color looks ravishing on both pale and medium complexions, so girls with fair skin and light eyes can give it a try.
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Sophisticated Dark Auburn Hair Color

Sophisticated Dark Auburn Hair Color #rehair #longhair

If you wonder what color you can achieve by mixing deep red color with golden hues and luxurious brown hair with warm chestnut tint, dark auburn hair color will show you. As you can see, it’s a mix of very sophisticated and lush colors, so that’s definitely not an at-home hair color. The best thing is, it can flatter girls with warm or peachy complexions, perfectly matching green, blue, and hazel eyes.
Source: masssshik via Instagram

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