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Tasteful Light Copper Hair Color

Tasteful Light Copper Hair Color #redhair #mediumhair

Light copper hair color is the happy medium between saturated ginger and bright copper shades. The truth is, this color is so special because it’s not too intense to be noticed from a mile away, yet it’s quite rich and shiny, just like a new penny. Ladies with both warm and fair skin tones can flaunt with such a color, as the lightest variation is pretty versatile.
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Outstanding Copper Hair Color

Outstanding Copper Hair Color #redhair #longhair

How about something smoother than the popular ginger and more saturated than light copper shade? Besides its vividness of gorgeous coppery tone, the classic copper hair color doesn’t really care about your eye color: it can beautify your eyes, regardless of their color. This color, as well as most red shades, is a good choice for women with pale to light complexions.
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Enviable Ginger Hair Color

Enviable Ginger Hair Color #redhair #longhair #wavyhair

Fair skin tone, freckles, ginger hair color. Let us guess; we’ve just described the beauty perfection of now? Ginger hair is probably the most tempting color that every girl would like to try. Unfortunately, it’s quite demanding, so only the lucky ones with light complexions can pull it off. Yes, it’s simply gorgeous.
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