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Brunette Hair

It’s time to explore the dark side of our today’s post. Actually, a hair color chart without brunette hair color shades is a chart wasted, so those who want to become a brunette won’t be left without their dose of inspiration. Unlike all the previous colors, these shades are absolutely versatile: there’s a brunette shade for any complexion. Meet another nowadays’ classic!

Subtle Light Brown Hair Color

Subtle Light Brown Hair Color #brunetthair #brownhair

You may find it hard to see the definite line between dark blonde and light brown hair colors in this combination. What a nice idea to show that you can be different! This color is very soft, and even though there are some deep undertones, it’s still a light variation of brunette that is meant for medium complexions with green, blue, and brown eyes.
Source: sheffpavelstylist via Instagram

Classic Brown Hair Color

Classic Brown Hair Color #brunettehair #brownhair

Despite the fact we see this color everywhere, it’s anything but boring. Believe it or not, the more natural-looking color you choose, the more hues it will blend. Natural brown hair isn’t just a dark shade; it’s the variety of different matching hues that show up when the sun shines on them. If you want your hair to reflect sweet brownie, caramel, and toffee tinges, ask your hairstylist for an all-over brown balayage.
Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Posh Golden Brown Hair Color

Posh Golden Brown Hair Color #brunettehair #brownhair #bob

Golden brown hair color is something between light brown and honeyish shades that transit to golden hues. And even if this color mixes so many shades of hair color chart that you can’t really meet on natural hair, it still looks totally effortless. You will love the way it accentuates your skin tone and eye color: we’re turning to all of you, as this color has no limitations!
Source: riawna via Instagram

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