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Chestnut Brown Shades

Chestnut Brown Shades #highlights #brunette

Here’s an idea for those who want to stay loyal to their natural chestnut bases while giving a little fresh take. Just like any other color, chestnut brown comes in a variety of similar shades. So why don’t you create a mindblowing dimension by mixing them all? This look, for instance, is the perfect example of such color moves.
Source: maxgourgues via Instagram

Honey Glazed Doughnut

Honey Glazed Doughnut #highlights #brunette

Unlike real chocolate donuts with honey glaze, this idea has nothing to do with calories you will regret getting. The only things that you will achieve in great amounts are countless compliments because this color play is destined to have all eyes on it. In order to make the darker base stand out, honey brunette highlights hit the ends so distinctively that it can outshine the sun itself!
Source: suetyrrellstylist via Instagram

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