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Bronze Highlights For Natural Brown Hair

Bronze Highlights For Natural Brown Hair #brunette #highlights

If you want a look that shimmers in the sun, these bronze highlights on brown hair are just gorgeous! These natural brunette highlights blended with bright bronze tones will make it look like you were sitting out for hours on the beach to lighten your brunette tresses. But you can easily achieve this look at home. Or ask your hair stylist to artfully hand-paint those gorgeous bronze hues.

And what’s prettier than beachy blonde waves with sun-kissed highlights? If you are blessed with naturally curly or wavy tresses, all you need to do is spray your hair with a generous amount of sea salt spray. Then tousle it, so that it looks wind-blown, and let it air dry. With those luxurious, sexy waves and golden bronze highlights, you’ll look like you walked right off the beach!
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Sun Kissed Golden Face Framing Highlights

Sun Kissed Golden Face Framing Highlights #brunette #blondehair #highlights

Golden blonde highlights look stunning no matter what the season. They are perfect for a summer day or a cool fall night. If you want golden hair with face framing highlights, you can’t go wrong with these light ash blonde highlights. Ask for heavy highlights near the front to softly frame your face to highlight your best features. The contrast between the creamy caramel hues and the chocolate brown base is superb.

Use a flat iron, or a large curling wand to get boisterous, flowy curls for your golden brown hair. With this drop-dead gorgeous combo of sexy waves and bright blonde hues, men won’t stand a chance.
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Light Brown Highlights On Chocolate Brown Hair

Light Brown Highlights on Chocolate Brown Hair #brunette #highlights #wavyhair

Do you want to spice up your natural dark brunette hair, but don’t want to go blonde? Try dark brown hair with light brown highlights. Brunettes are just as sexy as blondes, and have twice as much fun. So, why not add some life to your gorgeous dark tresses with subtle light brown highlights? Soft light brown tones combined with your natural dark brown color will add a ton of depth and dimension to your hair.

If you want to add more body, make a few soft waves with your flat iron to add some movement to these stunning shades of brown.
Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

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