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Silvery Blonde Highlights On Chestnut Brown Hair

Silvery Blonde Highlights On Chestnut Brown Hair #brunette #highlights

If you want a look that is sexy and mysterious, why not go for a striking blend of silver-gray, dark brown and golden blonde? Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is always a classic look, but why not take it up a notch and mix in some silver steaks for a look that has a ton of depth? Ask for blonde highlights on dark brown hair but then mix in some silver-gray streaks. This look is so fun and flirty with its triple blend of multi-tonal hues! And it looks so pretty on wavy tresses!
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Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights #brunette #highlights

If you are ready to pursue highlights for your long hair, there are several options you can choose from. You may want chunks of color or thin strips of color added to your hair, and the choice is ultimately up to you. Any type of hair works well for highlights, so it isn’t a concern if you have a curly, straight or wavy hairstyle. All of these work well for highlights of any size and degree. The model above has had her balayage hair blended so well that it appears as if her hair has grown naturally with these color tones.
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Caramel Highlights On Dark Hair

Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair #brunette #messyhair #longhair #highlights

One of the most popular trends in the modern hair culture is the wavy hair. Caramel highlights cover a broad spectrum of colors ranging from a hue that you would expect all the way to a tangerine or a brown sugar color. This type of highlight job is accentuated if the wearer has a long hair length. Shorter lengths can sport it as well, but longer hair allows the colors to really shine through. This type of hairstyle works well for neatly styled hairstyles as well as for the messy hairstyle.
Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

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