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Cappuccino #highlights #brunette

How about a soft cream hue that melts with espresso base and ends as a powdery accent of cinnamon shade? Call it magic, call it true, but the most pleasant hair color never comes alone. And if you want to flaunt with as tasteful and attention-grabbing color as your favorite coffee drink, don’t forget to find a color barista who knows the right proportions.
Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Buttery Blonde Lights

Buttery Blonde Lights #highlights #brunette

Besides a refreshing appearance, there’s one more visual benefit from getting highlighted hair. Remember how many times you felt disappointed about your face shape and tried to style your hair to work on it? Well, as a matter of fact, the right color approach is enough to sort things out. As you can see, these buttery blonde highlights are pretty drastic comparing to the darker mane. Also, they’re added selectively to the front. As a result, they create a stunning framing effect that will wash away all the face-shape insecurities.
Source: mariohenriqueoficial via Instagram

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