Even if you're an absolute beginner, once you see us how to Do a Waterfall Braid tutorial, you will realize that it is much easier than it seems. You do not have to be a professional stylist in order to beautify your hair and look super gorgeous for any occasion.


What will I need? All you need is our tutorial, a mirror, some practice, and just a little patience. Follow our simple directions to do one of the prettiest long hairstyles.

So, let's start! In order to create one of the loveliest braided hairstyles, first, part your hair so that one of the sides is heavier. Next, concentrate on a section from that heavier side. After that, divide this big section into three smaller sections. Now, it is time for crossing the strand from the back over the one from the middle and then the strand from the front over the one from the middle. Then, the strand from the back should be crossed over the one from the middle. Incorporate one more hair section to get a French braid.

Again, the strand from the back should be crossed over the one from the middle and one more hair section should be incorporated. However, now drop down the strand from the front and take a hair section just behind this particular strand rather than crossing it over the one from the middle. In order to replace the strand that was dropped, cross the section taken from behind over the one from the middle. Next, the strand from the back should be crossed over and one more hair section should be added.

Now what? Now, step 2 should be done again. That is, drop the strand from the front and replace it from behind.

Next, keep braiding like in steps 2 and 3 till the back of your head. Then switch the braiding style to a regular three-strand and braid thus down. Finally, pin this regular braid part against your head, hiding the pin by laying some hair over its top.

The final step: Apply hairspray and the hairstyle is ready!

Super Gorgeous Looks with Waterfall Braids

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Also, there are so many ways how you can style this braid, from effortless hippie hairstyles to elaborate camera-ready looks. For example, you can create a waterfall braid and curl the rest of your hair a bit. This look is classic, and once it is complete, you can see wavelet-like soft curls under the horizontal braid.


Try These Waterfall Braids to Look Magnificent

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When you have a special event to attend, you can opt for crimped hair combined with a waterfall braid. Do you know what occasions such a hairstyle will suit the most, by the way? Bridesmaids do love to sport this look, as it does not only look lovely but it also features crimped hair that can increase volume.

Amazing Waterfall Braids for All Occasions

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Another easily recreated ‘do is a side waterfall braid. Indeed, it looks especially nice on medium to long hair. And a messier hairstyle will add much volume and movement to your stunning look at the same time. In fact, there's no way you won't enjoy this 'do!


Waterfall Braid With Curls

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When we think about romantic braided hairstyles, a waterfall braid with curls is probably the first style that comes to our minds. Long, loose curls completed with a braid at the top look really soft and feminine at once.

Double Waterfall Braids

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Braids hairstyles often incorporate more than one braid, like the styles you can see here. Surely, adding two braids to your hairstyle will be a more intricate task, but we assure you that it will definitely be worth your efforts!


Side Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

Source: blowmeawayatl via Instagram Source: blowmeawayatl via Instagram

Despite looking pretty simple, side types of braids tend to add some girly and carefree vibe to the image. Sometimes we curl our hair and, standing in front of the mirror, wonder how to embellish those pretty loose curls, which element to add. When you trap in such a situation, side braids come in. Not only does it works great for moments like that but they also give a nice embellishing finish to waves and curls.

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Although waterfall braids appear exceptional on their own, the sky is the only limit to styling experiments. Therefore, if you are one of those babes who believe that there is no limit to perfection, you can enhance your hairstyle by adding some accessories to it.

Waterfall Braids For Short Hair

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Who says that such braids cannot be pulled off on shorter hair? Believe it or not, but these fancy fairytale braids will work great for your medium-length locks. Basically, you will see what we mean once you give it a try.

Waterfall Braids With Rosettes

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Wearing braids is one of the best ways to reveal your femininity and delicacy, especially when you need to show your natural charm at its best. So how about a fresh take on these lovely features, then? Waterfall braids with rosettes, whether it’s tight and clean or messy, is a good idea to enhance your girliness and get yourself a red-carpet hairdo at the same time.


Combo Waterfall Braids

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In case you're wondering how to make your waterfall braids more outstanding, we've prepared some simple yet striking ideas. In fact, adding some more braided textures to it will be enough! Also, you can combine them with different braiding techniques such as French, Dutch, or fishtail braids.

Four & Five Strand Waterfall Braids

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Four strand braids are popular with women of any age and taste because of the volume that the pulled strands can create. Moreover, if you incorporate a five-strand braid into your four-strand braid hairstyle, you will get the masterpiece on your own hair.

Updo Waterfall Braids Hairstyles

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Despite the common misconception, waterfall hairstyles are not meant for wearing it down only! On the contrary, they can be different; as different as you want. You can put them up and twist around the base, creating a lovely bun or ponytail updo, as well as turn them into another braid for a creative vibe.


Waterfall French Braids

Source: braids_for_my_hair via Instagram Source: braids_for_my_hair via Instagram

Waterfall French braids are another stunning idea to double the beauty! Once you combine these two braids into one style, you will love how the extended combo braid lies gently on your crown or slightly falls on the back.

Half Updo Waterfall Braids

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The top section of your hair is braided into a romantic waterfall braid while the rest of your hair is left loose and wavy to fascinate everyone around: isn't that a perfect plan? Also, don't forget to play around with waterfall updos to have all eyes on you.

Now that you know that the waterfall braid is anything but complicated, it's time for you to give it a try. Besides a fantastic variety of creative and feminine hairstyles, this braid also gives a lot of room for experiments. Moreover, you can always play around with different braiding techniques! For that reason, not trying this hairstyle at least once in your life would be a huge mistake. Of course, the ideas you've seen today are only the beginning: we will be always updating it to keep you inspired.

FAQ: How To Do A Waterfall Braid

Can short hair be Cornrowed?

Cornrowing requires hair to be at least 3 inches long. If your hair is shorter, a professional stylist can offer adding extensions and cornrows to make it longer.

What happens if you dye braided hair?

The exposed surface of the braids will be more affected by hair coloring than the interior of each plait. While your hair is braided, the color will look solid, but once released, it will be marbled with your prior color.

Should I get a fade before or after braids?

Better get your fade done after braiding. You don’t want to snip any hairs that might be useful for your braids.

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