If you try to follow beauty trends, then you must have heard about periwinkle hair. This dreamy hair color is so mesmerizing that you are going to fall in love with it right away. As it is marrying a couple of gorgeous shades, it turns out very appealing to the eye. What is more, it offers a myriad of coloring options, the loveliest of which we have put together in the following guide.


What Is Periwinkle Hair?

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Periwinkle hair is a heavenly blue pastel hair color that resembles the sky. It also features lavender and purple undertones. For the best result, the periwinkle blue hair dye should be applied to very fair hair shades, such as platinum and blonde. However, there are plenty of ways to pull off the look, from periwinkle highlights to all out color.

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Platinum Periwinkle Hair

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Platinum blonde hair is a perfect canvas for a periwinkle color, as it allows for the best color payoff. The shade comes out pure, vivid and bold. Of course, it requires regular upkeep and special care, as going platinum is quite a commitment. However, it is worth the effort, as the result is absolutely out of this world.

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Dark Roots Periwinkle Ombre Hair

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Although a periwinkle hair color ideally requires a blonde hair base, you can still add dark hues to it. Deep peekaboo roots give an intricate twist to the hairstyle and make the periwinkle color stand out even more. To give it a trendy and unique touch, consider an ombre hair style. When periwinkle color melts into dark roots, it results in an awe-inspiring hair look.

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Highlights are a popular hair coloring technique that will arguably never go out of fashion. So, you are welcome to use it on your periwinkle hair. Also feel free to play around with color, as there is a wide range of options that work well with it. If you want to achieve a holographic hair effect, you can throw a whole rainbow into your locks.

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Dark Periwinkle Hair With Deep Blue Undertones

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If you prefer a darker side of the color spectrum, you can still nail the icy hair style. Dark periwinkle blue hair with deep undertones gives off a rich and luxurious vibe, flattering any skin tone and hair type. It can be anything from chestnut brown to raven black. Just make sure the shade of blue matches the undertone of the base.

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Dark & Periwinkle Hair Combo

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Create a high contrast and eye-catching color combo with dark and blue purple hair. It can be achieved in many ways – by adding dark streaks or dying underlying layers in deep shades. No matter what option you are going to choose, you can rest assured that it will not go unnoticed.

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Dark Periwinkle Hair

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Lavender hair is a staple pastel periwinkle hair color. Though, you can always make it deeper if you like. Dark periwinkle hair brings out blue undertones in your eyes and adds depth to them. So, it will be especially beneficial for girls with blue and gray eyes.

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FAQ: Periwinkle Hair Color Trend

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Is periwinkle blue or purple?

The periwinkle hair color features an equal amount of blue and purple, as it belongs to both families. Named after the flower periwinkle, aka myrtle herb, it mimics its color. It is also often referred to as lavender-blue or pastel purple.

How do you mix periwinkle hair color?

First, you need to make the pink base by combining white and red paints. If you mix blue with red, it will give you purple. Yet, when the red is softened from the very beginning, it will be easier for you to get rid of intense purple shades later on. So, add light blue to the pink base.

How light does my hair have to be to dye it blue?

So that icy shades pay off fully, your initial hair color should not be darker than light brown. Dark and black-haired women should resort to bleaching before going for a periwinkle blue hair color or purple. Otherwise, it will most likely not show up.

Have you still not tried a periwinkle hair color? What are you waiting for then? This icy shade of blue and lilac combo will take your hair to the center stage. Hopefully, our guide has given you enough information and inspiration to hop on trend.

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