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Sun Kissed Redhead Girls

Source: iamfoxlove via Instagram, marinaruybarbosa via Instagram, cityflower_holka via Instagram

Sun Kissed Redhead Girls Side Styling #longhair #wavyhair #redhair

Sun Kissed Redhead Girls Wavy Hair #longhair #wavyhair #redhair
Sun Kissed Redhead Girls Straight Hair #longhair #straighthair #redhair

Some girls who rock the so much desirable burned-out, sexy redhead hair color seem to have made their place in the sun: their hair color looks like it has had a romance with the sunlight. Yes, such colors look unbelievably adorable, and, believe it or not, they’re pretty simple to achieve. Natural gingers who spend a lot of time under the sunlight can easily get this light-coppery-to-caramel shade. As for ladies who dream of becoming iconic redheads, they can just ask their colorists for the lightest versions of coppery shades. This kind of red works best for ladies with pale complexions and peachy undertones.

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