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What Are Androgynous Haircuts?

Before moving to the inspo-part, we’d like to clarify what an androgynous haircut is. In simple words, it’s a cut that expresses a gender-neutral approach to one’s appearance and style preferences. In general, such haircuts are popular among gender-fluid people, that’s why they look neither feminine nor masculine.

The Latest Androgynous Haircuts To Try

It’s time to get close to the most inspiring androgynous female haircuts people could ever see. Bold, attention-grabbing, and modern are the three words that best characterize the cuts you’re going to see. With these ideas, there’s no way you won’t find your own go-to!

Soft, Side-Swept & Shaved Cut

Soft Side Swept & Shaved Cut #androgynoushaircuts #haircuts #shorthaircuts

Most androgynous short haircuts are known to bring a lot of character to a wearer. Not only do they open up the face but also give a light, contemporary look. This transformation pic showcases the powerful visual impact given by a chic side-swept pixie with shaved sides. Though the cut is initially unfeminine, the way her makeup finishes the look balances everything out.

Source: yukistylist via Instagram

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut #androgynoushaircuts #haircuts #shorthaircuts

Known as a plain military haircut for men, the buzz cut can always find its place in a woman’s life. It also stands among popular androgynous haircuts for thin hair due to the simple structure and minimal length that hides all the traces of thin locks. Needless to say, with the right color finish, this low-maintenance haircut can turn into a versatile complement to all looks and occasions.

Source: dillahajhair via Instagram

Classy Crop & Fade

Classy Crop & Fade #androgynoushaircuts #haircuts #shorthaircuts

As for androgynous haircuts for thick hair, nothing can compare to a precise fade with a minimalist crop. Although the length is kept pretty short, it still allows experimenting with the texture on top. With such a tight, contrastive approach, thick hair will get into decent shape and finally give you that light feel. A fade will keep the silhouette clean and the highlighted top will always be there for your tousled styling.

Source: edouardclipperhand via Instagram

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