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Pompadour #androgynoushaircuts #haircuts #shorthaircuts

Androgynous pompadour is officially the hottest style ever spotted on modern trendsetters. Besides a full, volumetric look, this style gives a lot of room for styling creativity. You can play with the shape of your sideburns and try out different fades to individualize the look.

Source: spukthebarber via Instagram

Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut #androgynoushaircuts #haircuts #shorthaircuts

The bowl haircut is back in town. This time, it’s accompanied by cleanly shaved sides and gorgeous balayage that simply take the good-old cut to the next level. If you have a closer look, you will notice subtle layers that amp up the fine chevelure.

Source: jejojejo87 via Instagram

Choppy Androgynous Haircut

Choppy Androgynous Haircut #androgynoushaircuts #haircuts #shorthaircuts

The popular I-woke-up-like-this look has never been that fun! Each lock sticks in its own direction, and that’s enough to make the whole style look organic and attractive. Yes, choppy layers have many things to offer!

Source: princessstiefel via Instagram

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