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Geometric Tribal Fulani Pattern

Geometric Tribal Fulani Pattern #fulanibraids #braids

Geometric braiding patterns aren’t the easiest ideas to recreate. But, anyway, the special, structured look is worth all the time and efforts. To make your hairstyle match the Fulani spirit, finish the central cornrow with a hair ring. Besides, taming baby hairs with styling gel won’t hurt as well.
Source: prettyy.braids via Instagram

Half Up Bun With Cascade Of Thin Braids

Half Up Bun With Cascade Of Thin Braids #fulanibraids #braids #halfup

Creating cascading braids means always have a room for countless styling ideas with smooth and seamless results. As you can see from this stunning pic, the sections that turn into a bun flow evenly and don’t stick out. And that’s what makes the look so pleasant!
Source: crownedbyketa via Instagram

The Fulani braids hairstyles you’ve seen today are only the beginning. Now you know how gorgeous simple ‘dos can be with the help of braided texture. So if you want to discover the real diversity of Fulani styles, it’s time to get the braids and let experiments into your life!

Main photo by Freshlengths