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Half-Up Double Buns

Half-Up Double Buns #halfup #buns #braids

When you want to add some fullness to your tight silhouette, nothing works better than double half-ups. While giving a fuller body, this hairstyle shows off the enviable length of your locks.
Source: chelseaphilias via Instagram

Fulani Braids Into Afro Pony

Fulani Braids Into Afro Pony #braids

It’s always hard to gather afro hair in a ponytail. So here come Fulani braids; the braids that will keep the front tight, thus helping you to rock your days with a voluminous and immaculate pony.
Source: missaudreybee via Instagram

Twisted Fulani Braids Updo

Twisted Fulani Braids Updo #updo #braids

Braids that transform into twists and go along as braids. Braided mind games? The versatility of this protective style knows how to impress!
Source: braids_by_antoinette via Instagram

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