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Nubian Princess Fulani Braids

Nubian Princess Fulani Braids #fulanibraids #braids

If you have a natural mane full of exotic braids, you’ve got everything you need to walk in the shoes of Nubian Princess. Or even to become one! A classic braided pattern that moves toward the back and several hair beads and cuffs are the keys to getting the purely authentic African look.
Source: sunreey via Instagram

Super Long Braids With Cuffs

Super Long Braids With Cuffs #fulanibraids #braids

Although there are lots of timeless trends, everything in women’s fashion either comes and goes or simply disappears with time. Still, wearing long hair is a constant value that will never lose its popularity. Therefore, if you turn your locks into super long braids, you will get a totally universal, ageless look for all moods and occasions.
Source: aggie_hair via Instagram

Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids #fulanibraids #braids

Tribal braids focus on naturalness and minimalism. To be more exact, you don’t need to go too much with colors and accessories to create a tribal-inspired mood. A hint of color added by a thin elastic to a couple of braids will do just great. Of course, the right outfits are the musts when it comes to such looks.
Source: chikodix via Instagram

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