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Fulani Braids With Loose Cascading Plaits

Fulani Braids With Loose Cascading Plaits #fulanibraids #braids

When you rock braids, it doesn’t matter how thick or thin and healthy or damaged your hair is. That’s because, for natural-haired women, they are protective hairstyles in the first place. Want your hair to look fuller? Add some fake tresses or braids made of real hair. Want to make it brighter yet without commitment? Get already colored extensions. Doesn’t this idea make you want to steal it right now?
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Fulani Crown With Horizontal Braids

Fulani Crown With Horizontal Braids #fulanibraids #braids

The top is braided horizontally, and the sides fall down in a classic, vertical manner. How do you like this play of textures and directions? As a matter of fact, you can switch between patterns as you braid. But, it’s very important to keep up with the balance, as it’s a crucial style detail.
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Center Parted Fulani Braids

Center Parted Fulani Braids With A Forehead Braid #fulanibraids #braids

It’s hard to notice the tiny little thing that makes the whole hairstyle look that different. Now, take a closer look at the side braids. Unlike the rest of the top braids, there are two pieces on the sides that don’t begin right at the forehead. On the contrary, they move toward the front. Yes, little changes can bring great visual impacts.
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