Gorgeous Blonde Ombre Hairstyles Everyone Will Love

Hot Variants of Blonde Ombre

Blonde ombre is taking the world by storm. The best thing about blondish ombre tones is that they are elegant and less dramatic than some of the more colorful counterpoints.


Ombre hair has taken a life of its own and there are literally hundreds of ombre styles to choose from. And it is such an amazing piece of news for every lady who loves experimenting with her hair.

From red ombre hair to blue to mermaid hair, the possibilities are endless! Ombre with blonde is classy and can be combined with many colors, from a classic sophisticated look to more daring and bold styles. Check out our favorite ombre styles for 2020.

Honey Brown and Black Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/estherxclaire

This classy look is perfect for summer. Honey brown woven carefully into natural black hair is absolutely stunning as the deep contrast in the shades is bold, yet polished.


Red with Blonde Streaks

Credit photo: instagram.com/bescene

Whether you are a natural redhead or not, this brilliant blonde that flows gently on the lower half of your hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous.


Peachy Keen Blonde Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/sweetmelissagrace

This subtle peach undertone, with the blonde balayage that transcends from soft brown to breathtaking blonde, is totally awesome.


Icy Blonde Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/lisalovesbalayage/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">lisalovesbalayage via Instagram

This icy blonde on a dark brown base will perfectly compliment those gorgeous summer beach waves. The ashy tones will add a multi dimensional effect.


Silvery Blonde

Credit photo: instagram.com/balayagebruja

This silver gray effect on the light brown to blonde ombre is quite captivating. It looks especially pretty on those with naturally wavy hair.

Blonde and Fiery Orange Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/butterflyloftsalon

This stacked ombre style is full of volume and movement. The fun transition from bright orange to soft blonde is quite dramatic.

Earthy Blonde Tones

Credit photo: instagram.com/lisalovesbalayage

The hand-painted earthy blonde and brown shades on this dark brown base are totally captivating.


Melted Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/jade__ly

This textured cut is stacked to highlight the gorgeous hand-painted colors that melt effortlessly from various blondes and browns with darker roots.

Balayage Sombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/evalam_

This smooth sombre that fades slowly form dark brown to lighter blonde will add depth and volume to any texture.

Sassy Blonde

Credit photo: instagram.com/lisalovesbalayage

The layers in this style will help enhance the dramatic brunette shade with brilliant and sassy blond streaks in the bottom half.


Sun-Kissed Baby-Lights

Credit photo: instagram.com/centro_degrade_joelle

This sun-kissed look, with its blonde baby-lights on dark brown hair, is both trendy and sophisticated.

Wind Blown Dreads

Credit photo: instagram.com/alisa.belochkina

The longer windswept dreads and complicated color patterns make this look stand out. Start with a dark base and add a light brown shade on the ends. However, you need to choose the perfect shade of brown to create a crowd stopping contrast.

Copper Blonde

Credit photo: instagram.com/anhcotran

The blonde tones are obviously the main star in this look, but the subtle hint of copper ombre is super-stunning. This look works great on those with curly hair to achieve a carefree, messy look.


Black To Bronde Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/luxethecolourlounge

Yes, “bronde” is a thing now, and this style only proves how classy bronde can be! With its dark base that dramatically transitions to a perfect blend of brown and blonde to create the bronde effect, you will be the trendsetter in your social circle!

Dark Brown to Blonde Sombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbykathynunez

This gorgeous deep brown that gradually flows into stunning blonde creates a playful sombre pattern with gorgeous waves and awesome texture. Throw in some soft brown highlights to add extra depth and dimension.

Blonde Pink Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/joicointensity

Brown to blonde pink ombre is ideal for romantic ladies. We think that this ombre works best for longer straight or wavy locks.


Blonde Lime

Credit photo: instagram.com/taitkieuapril05

Blonde lime looks truly miraculous. This fade resembles a bubble gum and most daring ladies will love it.

Rainbow Surprise

Credit photo: instagram.com/sweetmelissagrace

Look at this miraculous rainbow hair styled in such an intricate way. You will definitely turn heads.

Hidden Magenta

Credit photo: instagram.com/megryanhair

A hidden magenta hair color allows you to be bold when you have fun and professional when you work.


Gaga Inspired Yellow

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair.by.jenny

If you are a fan of Lady Gaga, then this shade is for you. Although, yellow is pretty tricky when it comes to complimenting.

Amethyst Tips

Credit photo: instagram.com/ms_wonderland

Spice up your blonde locks by adding some bright hues, for example, amethyst tips.

Pale Blonde Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/rafaelbertolucci1

The best thing about blonde hair is that its variety of shades has an option for every complexion, style, and mood. If you’re in the mood for keeping up with the latest trends, some pale light blonde ombre for your medium blonde roots is all you need.


Neutral Blonde On Brown

Credit photo: instagram.com/romeufelipe

While some women spend hours trying to choose between blonde and brunette shades, you can find the common ground between them. As you can see from this subtle neutral blonde, these two just belong together.

Sunny Blonde For Brown

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisweberhair

There’s nothing like sun-kissed bright blonde accentuating a darkish brown mane. When you’d like to freshen up your dark color with a touch of golden light, sunny beachy blonde ombre will be there for you.

Blonde Espresso

Credit photo: instagram.com/suetyrrellstylist

Just like a cup of espresso in the morning, this color combo can refresh your whole look. To recreate the classy ombre, ask your colorist for a contrastive finish and dramatic blend so that the line between two contrastive colors is visible.

Do you feel daring enough to try one of these blonde ombre looks and find out if blondes really have more fun? We dare you to go for it and embrace the blonde bombshell within!