Latest Hairstyles for Women over 50 to Look Like Celebrity

Look Modern With These Latest Hairstyles For Women Over 50

When it comes to latest hairstyles for women over 50, it is common to think that only short haircuts such as pixies or bobs are the option. No doubts, that these ones will be still worn by women of certain age, but there are variants that will make you look youthful and up to date. Passing this threshold doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear particular hairstyles.


Nowadays beauty world doesn’t dictate any specific rules mature women have to obey while choosing the style. It is all about what flatters you. Nothing else really matters. A bunch of celebrities over 50 have amazing hairstyles and are bright examples of how you can rock your hair at this age and look like a million bucks. So, we got inspired by celebrity hair looks and compiled this collection for you to choose from.

Blonde Wavy Lob

This long bob styled in curls looks stunning on Madonna. Her hair is more voluminous and curly towards the ends than at the top. This hairstyle with side part will give you some 30s vibes and will make your look chic.

Source: hungvanngo via Instagram


Tousled Platinum Pixie

Platinum shade is a great way to amp up your pixie and make it look fresh and carpet – worthy. Create a tousled look with some texturizing spray for everyday wear and it will take you less than five minutes.

Source: chicover50 via Instagram


Layered Cut With Blonde Balayage

Sarah Jessica Parker slays this long layered cut with blonde highlights. She is probably the best hair in show biz. Blonde highlights make her look younger and must be her secret to the modern and youthful look.

Source: igobygina via Instagram


Wavy Bob With Long Bang

Long bob is always a good decision, especially styled in waves. This hairstyle will bring some fun and style to your look. Longer bangs that blend in with the rest of the hair have a nice face framing effect.

Image Source: hungvanngo via Instagram


Copper Shoulder Length Waves

Copper is favorite color of a bunch of celebrities. Julianne Moore and Marcia Cross are bright representatives of red heads. Needless to say, that this hair color looks bright and gorgeous. Style it in curls to make it more voluminous.

Source: themiddlepageblog via Instagram

Short Gray-Haired Pixie

Pixie is our oldie but goodie. Jamie Lee Curtis has been rocking her natural hair for at least 10 years. Who knew it would become such a huge trend? Nowadays we are seeing more and more of it.

Source: via Instagram

Chocolate Short Bob With Voluminous Curls

Short bob would be both a great base to create various hairstyles and a decent style on its own for a mature woman. Chocolate shade will give your look a fresh start. Style your short bob in tight curls, which look so elegant and age appropriate.

Source: hlbarclay via Instagram


Lavender Sleek Lob

It is impossible not to fall in love with this lavender shade. It is an amazing and trendy example of how you can upgrade your natural hair and look bomb dot com. Besides, a sleek texture of this hairstyle makes the color pop.

Source: thesilverstylist via Instagram

Long Sleek Layers

Who said that long sleek hair is only for young generation? Demi Moore is a living proof of that. She hasn’t changed her hairstyle throughout her career. Her devotion is paying off. Long shiny looks look extremely good.

Source: yasmina.rossi via Instagram

Cherry Layered Bob

It is a signature look of Sharon Osborne. She looks gorgeous with this hairstyle. This messy style of pixie is for all ages, not just mature women. It is one of those boyish styles with which you will be definitely in trend.

Source: alexanderscotthair via Instagram


Elegant Updo

Julianne Moore is a bright illustration of how you can combine every day life with style. Make your bun sleek and tight. And you can wear it for everywere!

Source: juliannemoore via Instagram

Sleek Platinum Pixie With Long Bang

Platinum color works well paired with a pixie. Spoiler alert: this color and will be a huge trend next spring together with ash blonde. Moreover, they are very flattering to mature complexion.

Source: fmkhair via Instagram

Top Knot

Julianne Moore is another proof of how rules do not apply in hair department for mature women. A top half bun looks stunning on her. Hairstyles worn by young women aren’t necessarily a no go zone for women over 50.

Source: diyplaybook via Instagram


Lavender Layered Bob

Lavender hair is impossible to resist. If you opt for this one, make sure you add some layers in order to give it the needed volume. Styling it in curls is a great option both for every day and special occasions.

Source: thesilverstylist via Instagram

Inverted Short Bob

Inverted short bob is the best bet for women with straight hair. This kind of cut will give you some additional texture and you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time styling it every day.

Source: istyl via Instagram

We hope you have found your cup of tea since you scrolled down till the bottom and got all the needed inspiration for your next visit to hairdresser.