Fades are a top trend in men's hairstyles, with variations like low, mid, and high. Understanding these differences ensures a tailored cut at the salon. Though stylists may offer useful advice, your personal style knowledge is key. Explore our list of low temp fade hairstyles and get a sharp look that boosts confidence!


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What is a Low Fade?

What Is a Low Fade? #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircuts

The term "low fade" refers to a style where the sides of the hair taper down and is done on the lower side of the head. The low fade haircut is a straightforward method used to give any style a dash of sophistication and refinement. With the adaptable low faded haircut men can achieve a classy hairstyle with short edges. The sides of your hair progressively get shorter than the rest of it, and the fade pattern goes all the way around your head. You benefit from having full hair at the top and a clean back along with the sides, offering you the finest result in every aspect.


Low Fade v High Fade

Before pushing further, it’s quite important and necessary to discuss the difference between low fade v high fade. Just like the name implies, low fade is the shortest and tapers within an inch to two from your hairline. Mid fade is almost similar to it but goes a little higher in inches. However, both haircuts are called drop fades given the fact that the line falls behind the ear in a curve that blends easily with the neck and hairline.

High fade on the other hand tapers from long to short hair and stops right above your temple. It is the highest of all fades and tapers and basically follows a straight line that starts from the side of your forehead all the way to the back. Although some males prefer the traditional "high and tight" aesthetic with this type of fade, the high fade looks the most ideal if the top of your hair has quite the length because both sides of your head would be trimmed.

Low Faded Cut Maintenance

This is one of the most relatively simple haircuts to manage if you're determined to get a fade haircut. The hairstyle basically involves your barber trimming your fade lower and less far from the two sides of your ear. It does require some upkeep to keep the skin fade looking good. To maintain this type of haircut, we suggest going to the barber every one to two weeks. Visiting a barbing salon every 1-2 weeks for a quick trim will keep your fades looking fresh and well-managed.


Cutest Low-Fade Haircut Ideas

A fade haircut, beloved for its sleek taper and elegant refinement, offers many options to suit any style. It's ideal for gentlemen seeking simplicity with a fashionable edge. Explore our list of men's taper cuts and find your distinguished and stylish look!

Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Fade #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircuts

One of the most adaptable fade hairstyles is the low taper fade. It has a more understated appearance, highlighting the lowest inch of your hair and thinning down the sides while maintaining a long hair length on top of your head. All types of hair appear great with this low-fade haircut taper, which can also be customized to your taste.


Low Fade Crew Cut

If a buzz cut look great paired with a fade haircut, then, a traditional crew cut can also profit from it. The classic cut will rapidly look more modern and in-style thanks to the tapered shave. Additionally, it will help give the appearance more form and style, enhancing its stylish appeal.

Low Faded Curly Hair

Wavy and curly mens haircuts has always been considered fashionable. As someone with this hair texture, you can embrace your hair by emphasizing the curls and maintaining a moderate top length. The low faded curly hair will add even more sleekness to the neat fringe and compliment it with volume.

Mexican Low Taper Fade

Mexican Low Taper Fade #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircuts

This Mexican taper fade performed by the US-based barber and stylist known by the nickname Andrew Does Hair, has a manly aura with an allusion to looking cool, while being unique and creative. Also known as the Edgar haircut, it consists of a short hairstyle with a tapered back and sides, with the emphasis made on a blunt shag cut on the lower part of your forehead.

LHS Editors’ Note: Almost anyone with any hair texture can wear this style but the amount of shag cut you get and its length would solely depend on your unique taste and style. For quick maintenance, visit your barber to keep your haircut looking fresh.


Two Block Cut With Fade

Two Block Cut With Fade #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircuts

These two distinguishable "blocks" of hair that make up the two block haircut can be styled in a variety of ways, but this is what makes the cut unique. Fades progressively shorten the hair at the back and on the edges, leaving the top of the head with lengthy hair. Additionally, the upper hair appears full of life and volume as a result.

LHS Editors’ Note: The edges and lower part of this hair are shorter than the top, which is longer. This produces a contrast, but it's up to you to decide to what degree you wish to finish the haircut.

Styling Tip: Style the two-block hairdo with a low-fade and add texture to your cut, giving it a contemporary and manly finish.

Low Fade Hair For Black Man

The low faded haircut black man type of style has so many benefits, one of which is that it gives your hair a nice texture.  This style can be pulled off in a variety of ways, including with dreads and short afros. With these black hairstyles men will appear stylish thanks to the low fade, which also gives them an appealing flair.

LHS Editors’ Note: The top of this hair is left longer while progressively tapering down the back and sides. This can help afro-textured hair lose some of its volumes and make it a lot simpler to style.

Hipster Styled Low Temp Fades

Most hipster hairstyles blend classic and sophisticated together in order to produce a style that's quite beyond the ordinary. Combine your hipster haircut with a skin fade for a more fashionable upgrade. Low-side fades with a razor to blend your hair with your beard line might be all you need to create a neat look that would be equally stylish in a suit and casual outfit.


Low Burst Fade Cut

Low Burst Fade Cut #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircuts

A low burst fade can be a very cool hairdo choice if you're not hesitant to attempt an idea that is a little unconventional. The fades on the side are very little and don't extend to the back of the head. The rapid transition in the burst fade low cut is seen on the sides only. However, it still produces a clean look.

Styling Tip: This growing haircut might be the answer you seek to make your face look slimmer and in style in case you have a round or broad face shape.

Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircuts

With the low fade, the flesh over your ears and at the back of your neck is visible due to the nature of the fade. Although the low skin fade haircut produces very neat lines, it is the least complicated of all fades. It is also known as low bald fade and tapers down from the long part of your hair to the skin level. Even celebrities like Zayn Malik and Christiano Ronaldo can’t seem to get enough of this look!

Maintenance Tip: Given that the fade reaches your skin, its maintenance process becomes a lot easier as you wouldn’t have to visit the barbershop too often to keep a clean look.

Low Drop Fade Cut

Low Drop Fade Cut #lowfadehaircut #lowfade #fadehaircuts

The low drop fade cut offers an edgy twist, arcing down behind the ear for a contemporary edge. It highlights the top hair, creating an illusion of volume. Suitable for all hair types, it's customizable for subtlety or boldness. This style provides a clean, on-trend look with a tapered, precise finish.

For most men visiting the men’s salon to get a full make-over, low fade has most times been their first choice. With the right barber skilled enough to cut any type of fade, there’s nothing stopping you from looking your best with any of the low fade haircut ideas provided above!



Is low fade attractive?

The low fade’s appeal stems in part from its adaptability. Almost anyone can pull it off, regardless of their hair type or texture. Women particularly value its delicate edge and stylish outlook, hence its popularity among men. So yes, you can say this haircut is quite attractive.

Do fades make you look skinnier?

The volume of a hairstyle would no doubt influence the appearance of a person and fade does a great job of making round faces appear a little slimmer. So making your hair extremely short or choosing a drop fade will no doubt cause your face to appear thinner.

Should I get a low or high fade?

Deciding on what type of fade to get should depend on your choice of hairstyle and also the degree of maintenance you’re willing to offer to your fades. But it’s important to note that low tapers require a more frequent barber appointment because it is shorter and could grow out quickly.

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