A low ponytail isn’t the first hairstyle girls think of when some special occasion is knocking at the door. What a shame! The problem is that not all ladies know how different and versatile this simple hairstyle can be. Moreover, most of them tend to underestimate the power of simplicity. If you feel like you are one of such girls, let our today’s ideas dispel the myth about the familiar hairstyle.


You can’t even imagine how many different sides low ponytail hairstyles have: there’s an idea for casual, occasional, and festive looks. And you know what? Though the styles can come in many different variations, they all have one thing in common: they are all easy to do. Get ready! Today’s hairstyles are going to open your eyes and change the image of the low pony once and for all.

Tips On Getting A Perfect Ponytail

by @zarina_alikhanova_

It doesn’t matter what kind of low ponytail hairstyles you are going to try as there are some universal tips that you should keep in mind to reach perfection. Make sure you follow these basics, and your low pony will be flawless!

  • To do a nice low pony, you should keep up with low elevation. To do so, gather your hair with one hand and set it with the other so that it doesn’t lift up.
  • Always deal with flyaways before you get to style an updo: your ponytail needs a smooth base.
  • If you want to curl your hair, do it after the pony is done.


Сlassic Sleek Pony

by @lenabogucharskaya

As you can see, despite its immaculate and clean appearance, this sleek low ponytail is pretty voluminous. A trick you should do every time you create a pony is to tousle up the crown: it will balance out the look.

Sleek Shiny Pony With Center Part

by @ashleyswagnerxo

It’s not about volume in hair and it’s not about showing off your texture. This ponytail is all about giving you a luxuriant look with the help of amazing shine and unbelievably sleek body. All you need to finish your posh outfit is shiny styling products. Make sure to hide the elastic under the strand of hair: it’s the key of ideal low ponytail hairstyles.


Sleek Low Pony With Long Bang

by @tonyastylist

Now, it’s about the volume. And sleekness, too! Women with thin hair can take this idea into account when they’re short of time but still want to stand out in the crowd. To let volume into your life, you need to separate off the top layer of your hair and create a pony with the low layer only. Then, take the top layer, comb it down so that it appears fuller, and incorporate this section into the pony. Spritz the style with shine spray, add some accessories, and be ready to shine like a star.

Twisted Low Ponytail


Tight Twist + Pony

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Публикация от Annette (@annette_updo_artist)

by @embed.js

This is how awesome you can look if you let your imagination run fly. The top layer transforms into a twist that makes the sides of your ‘do sleek while keeping the top voluminous. As for the pony, waves add a lot of oomph!

Messy Low Twisted Pony

by @olga_leonova18

Some texture tricks are enough to diversify the idea of a low pony. Trust us, this hairstyle has nothing complicated, but it still gives a great visual impact, which makes it look very presentable. When your low pony is ready, separate off some sections and criss-cross them to hide the elastic and lift the top portion of the pony.

Diagonal Twisted Low Ponytail

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Публикация от Tonya Pushkareva (@tonyastylist)

by @tonyastylist

Still don’t believe in the art of simplicity? This hairstyle is nothing but a low ponytail with a diagonal twist and slightly lifted crown. And that’s the point, as it’s hard to take eyes off. So, it is a good idea to consider it as one of your party hairstyles.


Low Pony With Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/olga_leonova18

Everything that bangs touch turns to brand new hairstyles and this low ponytail with bangs is the proof. A soft framing touch of the edgy bangs makes the common hairstyle a nice complement to an evening look.

Voluminous Waves Into Pony

Credit photo: instagram.com/anet.shabatina

This is the kind of low ponytail that is worth walking down the red carpet. Everything in this look screams about pure richness: the vivid color decision, the perfect shape of waves, and the way they fall on one another. And if you think that this look requires a salon appointment, we’ve got good news. For such a “swirl” effect, you simply need to wave your hair, take some waves from one side and half-wrap it. The point is to use bobby pins that will give that even silhouette.

Low Pony With French Twist

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Публикация от Lena Bogucharskaya ПРИЧЕСКИ (@lenabogucharskaya)

Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya

There are few ideas of low ponytail short hair can go for. And this French twist pony is one of the few! Leave some of the back strands as they are instead of putting them into the twist and show up with an elegant, chic style.


Low Ponytail With Braids

Dutch Waterfall Braid Into Pony

Credit photo: instagram.com/kudri_nashe_vse

Your low side ponytail won’t ever look plain if you set your creativity into motion. Pick your favorite type of braid, let it fall through your crown, and finish the style as a ponytail. See the difference?

Low Ponytail With Fishtail Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_enot

There are lots of ways to combine braids with ponytails. For example, you can get the pony first, pick a little piece of hair from the tied portion and create a braid then. Whatever way you choose, don’t forget to pull the crown!


Side Designed Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/sweethearts_hair

At first sight, styling a low ponytail may seem to be a simple process. But, in reality, when creating the hairstyle, you open the eternal room of freedom where your imagination can run as wild as you want. Believe it or not, this well-shaped braid that escapes from a voluminous, and boho-inspired ponytail is only the beginning.

Braided Pony With Long Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_by_zolotaya

Words are not enough to describe how dramatic this ponytail is. Every single lock stands out to form a totally voluminous silhouette while long bangs give a stunning face-framing effect. Of course, it takes a super long mane and hours of styling. But, such artwork is definitely worth it.

Topsy Tail Pony

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Публикация от Alex Gaboury (@alexgaboury)

Credit photo: instagram.com/alexgaboury

A continuous topsy tail is another easy and very decent hairstyle that any lady can bring to life. Besides striking appearance, this hairstyle has one more advantage: one day you flaunt with a creative topsy, and the second day, after you unravel it, you can rock a naturally twisty, wavy chevelure. To make the style festive enough, wave the ponytail.


Mohawk Braided Pony

Credit photo: instagram.com/yanna_odoevskaya

Instead of going for a huge commitment to get a sassy Mohawk hairstyle, you can ask a ponytail for help. Create a braid out of the top layer and put the rest of your hair into a pony. A tip for girls with thin hair: you can get a low ponytail with weave for a fuller effect.

Messy French Braid Into Low Ponytail

Credit photo: instagram.com/svetlana_koroteeva

For everyday wear, nothing works better than styles that feature a hint of carefree messiness! This messy low ponytail, embellished with a tousled French braid, is a stunning way to diversify your daily look.

Side Dutch Into Fishtail Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_by_zolotaya

Your ponytail is the mirror of your personality. Want to show how different you are? Make your ponytail match your inner-self, then. Pick your favorite braiding techniques and try to combine them creatively. Then, finish it all with a ponytail and give some tousled vibes to add more character to the look. Voila! This is what we call one of a kind.


DNA-Shaped Pony For Holidays

Credit photo: instagram.com/belaya_lyudmila

The ageless combination of ponytails and braids will be your best friends to reflect the holiday joy and festive mood. A ponytail that turns into a DNA braid is not an easy-to-do hairdo, and yet, it gives that perfect middle ground between casual and celebratory hairdo. Paired with a fancy headscarf, this style will be a nice idea for the spring holidays, for example.

Side Braid Into Ponytail For Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/kiramaslik

We bet it’s time to dispel the misconception about braids and ponytails. No, they aren’t meant for long hair only! Besides, there are tons of creative ideas for shoulder length hair. If you are afraid that your length won’t be enough for a decent braid, you can always braid your hair on the side. For an added lift, we recommend you braiding slightly on the crown or slightly off the sides to leave some front locks for framing. Then, just finish everything with a simple low ponytail!

Low Pony With Double Headband Braids

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_by_zolotaya

Here’s an idea that reveals the posh side of ponytails. Not only do such wavy or low curly ponytail hairstyles get the most out of your hair type but also give you a red-carpet look. Isn’t this majestic, breathtaking, and time-consuming ponytail worth all the efforts?


Bubble Braid Into Low Ponytail

Credit photo: instagram.com/svetlana_koroteeva

If you think that low ponytail styles can’t provide your chevelure with volume, let this combo prove you otherwise. The good-old bubble braid that turns into a pony literally lifts the whole mane up.

Double Side Braids

Credit photo: instagram.com/sweethearts_hair

Symmetry is a synonym to total perfection. And if you add some neatness and sleekness, you will discover the new side of it. Super-defined side braids that accompany a ponytail from roots to tips: you can call it magic, and we call it the versatility of ponytails.

Double Ponytails


Double Bubble Ponytail

Credit photo: instagram.com/svetlana_koroteeva

Is there something easier than bubble ponytail? Elastic bands is all you need to rock a stylish and fascinating ‘do. Just don’t forget to pull the edges!

Double Dutch Braids Into Ponytails For Short Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/alexandralee1016

If you think that braided ponytails are a no-no for short hair, this idea is here to prove you otherwise. In fact, with the right approach, these two can look even edgier and more attractive on a shorter length. And this tiny little Dutch pony is a stunning example: all hair is incorporated into a Dutch braid that runs toward the back. As for the ponytail, it’s nothing but the icing on the cake.

French Pigtail

Credit photo: instagram.com/svetlana_koroteeva

Another modern way to wear ponytails! This time, it’s a combination of timeless classic and the latest trend. Pigtail will never go out of fashion for their magic power of adding tons of cuteness to a girl’s look. As for French braid, it works better than any accessories when you need to freshen up some hairdo.


Dutch Braids Into Pony

Credit photo: instagram.com/kudri_nashe_vse

Double Dutch braids seem to have become a symbol of every summer: they’re easy to get and comfy to wear. How about making them even more straightforward? Turn each one into a low pony!

Ponytails With Accessories

Low Pony With A Big Bow

Credit photo: instagram.com/svetlana_koroteeva

Short of time? Okay, braids and waves aside! Luckily for busy girls, there’s a lovely, fashionable solution that lies in your big yellow bow. Look how lovely the simple style looks with a fancy accessory!


Classic Low Pony With A Bow

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Публикация от ⚡️ (@ohmyglam)

Here comes another way to get a unique style in the last minutes before leaving your home. A classic, silky bow tie will come in handy!

Simple Pony With Ribbon

The true beauty lies in the details, remember? It hides in the simple things that make you look special. Add some wavy texture to your freshly blow-dried hair, take a ribbon of the color you like and tie a loose pony. To finish the simple but significant look, leave some strands out and wave them to gently fall on your face.

Metal Ponytail

Credit photo: instagram.com/svetlana_koroteeva

Some may forget that a classic low ponytail is a canvas to styling experiments, especially when it comes to long hair. This time, we’re not talking about embellishing your hair with a play of texture; now, it’s about real embellishments you can take a creative approach to. A continuous headpiece made of long cascading metal chains isn’t something you would wear on a daily basis. Still, it’s an impressive detail for creative photoshoots or parties, as it keeps the balance between massive and minimalistic moods.


Pearl Ponytail

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Публикация от ANTONIO ESTRADA (@antestradahair)

Credit photo: instagram.com/antestradahair

Pearls are getting more popular than ever. You can see them everywhere from outfits to hairstyles, and there’s no wonder why: pearls are a symbol of pure elegance. For that reason, we think that there’s officially no way for prom or wedding girls to spend hours styling their hair. Basically, all you need is the right accessory. Or, you can purchase some pearled embellishments for hair and place them following your own unique pattern, just like in this pic.

Twisted Starry Pony

Credit photo: instagram.com/nikihair.ru

Some hairstyles just don’t go out of style for their endless versatility. Be it a long and full luscious mane or medium-length hair style, textured ponytails look gorgeous on everyone. These twists seamlessly transit to a wavy ponytail, while the final accessorizing touch turns the hairstyle into mermaid’s hair.

Low Pony With Side Messy Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/kudri_nashe_vse

We all know that the negative of a negative is positive, so why don’t we combine two common hairstyles to get a super unique one? Getting a side braid that incorporates into your pony is enough to create a pony to remember.


Low Pony With Side Dutch Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/kudri_nashe_vse

To make your pony really distinctive, a big, voluminous side braid will work perfectly on the look. For a romantic effect, leave some front locks to frame your face slightly and secure the style with some bright accessory.

Now you know that ponytails, whatever they are, have never been and will never be boring. Be creative, don’t be afraid to mix the familiar styles, and your pony will always catch people’s eyes. You see, simplicity never fails!

FAQ: Low Ponytail

Is a low or high ponytail better?

A low ponytail is going to be the least stressful because the hair gravity doesn’t drag it down. So, it’s preferable to keep your ponytail low at the nape of your neck. Just don’t tie it above your ears if you want a little volume in your hair.

Is a low ponytail professional?

You can wear ponytails in the office, but they must be secured. You can’t have a lot of flyaways because it will seem sloppy. If you need a lot of bobby pins and can’t obtain a more-or-less sleek ponytail, it isn’t suitable at work.

Is it OK to wear a ponytail to an interview?

Instead of keeping your hair down, try to put it up in a traditional bun or ponytail, or twist it into a sleek braid to keep it out of your face. Ponytails, as well as buns and long braids, will give you a professional look while also making you feel at ease.

Does a ponytail make you look older?

Ponytail opens up your face, highlights your eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones while also tightening your facial features. What is more, it dramatically lengthens your face and silhouette, giving you a taller appearance.

  • A ponytail is a hairstyle in which hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and secured with a hair tie, clip, or other similar device. Source