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20. Reddish Brown with Warm Blonde Tones

Source: venalove via Instagram

Reddish Brown with Warm Blonde Tones

Tousled waves look enchanting with this reddish brown base and warm blonde highlights. The side part and feathered front layers make this look extra chic and sexy.

21. Blonde and Pink Ombre

Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Blonde and Pink Ombre

This golden strawberry effect starts with soft red roots and then fades to a slight shade of strawberry blonde for a romantic and classic vibe.

22. Ripened Strawberry

Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Ripened Strawberry

With its dark brown base with intense red and golden streaks, this style has the look of a ripened strawberry. This look is a bit more bold yet still classy and elegant.

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