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How To Get The Perfect Beach Waves In Different Ways

Do you find yourself wondering how to get beach waves? All over social media, we see women with sexy, perfect waves, and we ask ourselves how much they paid to get those gorgeous wavy tresses. Believe it or not, beach waves are one of the most sought out hairstyles for medium length hair.

The secret to luxurious beach waves is the technique of getting them. All you need is a few minutes, your hair dryer and a curling wand. And if you are a more visual learner, you can always search for a beach waves hair tutorial online. However, we are going to give you a quick guide as to how to get beachy waves without going to the salon.

There are several ways to get beach waves including using sea salt spray and scrunching your naturally wavy tresses, blow-drying and curling your hair, or simply getting the right haircut. Read on for our handy guide on how to get sexy beach waves at home.

Prep Your Hair

Obviously, the first step to glamorous beach waves is to prep your hair. The same is true for all hairstyles for medium length hair. The first step, of course, is washing your hair. Then towel-dry it and comb it out with a wide-tooth comb.

How you prep your hair to hold the curl is crucial. If your hair is naturally straight, flip your head upside down. Next, spray the just shampooed roots with either texturizing or volumizing spray, massaging it in as you go to create texture and volume. Always make sure to use the best hair products for natural waves.

Those with naturally curly tresses should apply straightening balm to tone down the curls a bit. If you don’t want to take out too much of the curl, you can instead use heat protectant spray to protect your hair from damage.

If your hair does not hold curls well, you can skip the above step and proceed with whichever method you choose. The easiest way to get beach waves is to spray on sea salt spray or beach wave spray and scrunch your hair and allow it to dry naturally or scrunch it while blow-drying. Of course, this works best for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. Following are some of the other methods to get beach waves.

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