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Way – Braiding

Of course, if you don’t want to damage your hair by blow-drying and curling it, there are ways to get beach waves no heat. Excessive blow-drying and curling or straightening your hair can damage the cuticles and dry out your hair. Braids have been one of the most popular ways for women to curl their hair for centuries.

One of the easiest ways how to get waves overnight with braids is to braid your hair while damp. You can simply dampen your hair while taking a shower or mist it thoroughly with a spray bottle of water or sea salt spray and water.

Here’s one of the easiest hairstyles for medium length hair. Separate your hair into about four to eight braids, depending on how thick your hair is and what size of waves you want. The bigger the braid, the looser the waves. Leave the braids on your hair overnight, or until dry. Remove them and spritz on a little sea salt spray and then tousle your hair. You can try out different braid styles such as Dutch braids, box braids, Fishtail braids or French braids to get different styles of beach waves.

Way – Twisted Into Buns

Twisted bun hairstyles for medium length hair are another way how to get wavy hair without heat fast. Wash and towel dry your hair or mist your dry hair, spritz it with sea salt spray then twist it into at least 4 buns depending on the length and fullness of your hair. Place at least two of the buns at the nape of your neck and then the others at the top of your head. Use U-shaped bobby pins to hold them in place. For those with thinner tresses, you can spray volumizing spray to your roots before doing the buns. If you want smaller, tighter waves, do multiple buns in your hair as opposed to just two to four. You will love this fun and easy way to do beach waves for straight hair.

Way – Use A Curling Wand

Want to know how to get loose waves with a curling iron? It’s easier than you think! Simply take one to two inch sections of your hair and wrap them around a curling wand. The size of the curling wand depends on the type of waves you want. The thicker the wand, the looser the waves.

For a windswept look, alternate the direction of each curl, curling some away from your face and some towards it. Hint: for a flattering, face-framing look, curl the sections close to your face rather than away from your face.

If you want a sexy, tousled look, twist each section of your hair as you curl it. Or if you prefer natural-looking waves, do not curl the bottom one inch of your hair.

Following these steps is a surefire way how to curl loose waves with a curling iron.

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