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Centre Parted Lob

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Centre Parted Lob #messyhair #wavyhair #mediumhair

Lob hairstyles are perfect for medium wavy hair. A lob is simply a longer bob hairstyle. As such, you will still be able to pull up your hair into a short ponytail, updo or cute half updo. And you can still wear it down without your curls looking dull due to too much length and weight on your hair.

Part your hair in the center while damp and then style as desired. Beach waves look stunning with a blonde and light brown balayage fade like the one shown here.

Side Part Hairstyle

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Side Part Hairstyle #messyhair #wavyhair #mediumhair

Another great wavy hairstyle for medium hair is this pretty side part hairstyle. A side part is a great way to add volume to thinning hair. Our hair tends to naturally part to one side or the other, so you should try to go with your natural part. It is much easier to part your hair when wet. So, if you are not washing your hair, give it a good spritz before parting. Then use your fingers to tousle your beach waves in a sexy, bed-head style. If you really want to add texture, try some caramel brown highlights on a chocolate brown base. And don’t forget to ask for layers as they add a ton of volume to your hair.

Deep Side Part Medium Hairstyle

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Deep Side Part Medium Hairstyle #messyhair #wavyhair #mediumhair

If you are going for a super sexy look, try a deep side part medium hairstyle like the one pictured here. A deep part will not only add more volume to your hair, but it will allow it to seductively fall over your eyes. Add some dark and light ash brown highlights to your dark brunette hair to give it a multi-dimensional look.

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