Dirty blonde hair. Those three little words can have anyone screaming for their colorist pronto. Not so fast though. Dirty blonde hair is a soft and natural shade that pairs well with highlights, lowlights, and even ombre coloring techniques. In fact, this natural color is a great way to explore a lighter hair color if you’re a brunette, without a huge commitment.


Blonde hair comes in many different shades from strawberry hues to platinum and everything in between. Dirty blondes are those that fall in that spectrum. Not quite brunette, but far from bright blonde in tone. Beachy and often sun-kissed, this hair color is fairly low maintenance and lifts pretty well if you want to go even lighter.

What Is A Dirty Blonde Hair Color?

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In case you were wondering what is a dirty blonde color, here are some examples of some of the prettiest shades to give you inspiration.

This shade of dirty blonde is perfect if you want a natural blonde hair look with a bit of a deep undertone. The dark brown base and soft blonde hues that blend into darker platinum that is just stunning. And it looks especially pretty on long wavy hair.

To style, blow dry your hair with a round brush and flip out the ends as you dry for sexy beachy waves. Flip your head upside down at first to add more body if you want maximum fullness. If you need more waves, use a large barrelled curling wand to make loose and carefree waves that will make you have that sexy, windblown look.

If you want to go for a look that embodies various shades of blonde, this pretty blend of blonde balayage hues is absolutely breathtaking. From honey blonde to champagne blonde to platinum blonde tones, this look has it all. Ask for lightest blonde highlights in the front and randomly throughout to nicely frame your face and make your hair glisten like gold in the summer sun.

If you have naturally wavy tresses, you can simply spritz your locks with sea salt spray and let your hair dry naturally. However, if you have straight tresses, you can blow dry your hair and then make loose romantic waves with a large curling iron. Either way, you’ll be hot to trot with these gorgeous shades of light blonde hair.

This look is one of our favorite dirty blonde hair ideas. The deep contrast between the warm and cool shades of light blonde is just breathtaking. With deep dark blonde undertones, and a light ash blonde and buttery blonde blend, this balayage combo of pretty blonde shades is out of this world.

And what’s best is it will work on any hair texture as it adds a ton of dimension and depth to your tresses. It compliments both straight and wavy or curly tresses as well. You will feel like a sexy blonde bombshell with this chic combo of blonde hues.


Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas - Which Suits Your Skin Tone?

Looking for blonde hair color ideas which suits to all skin tones? Well, you have come to the right place! We can help you find the perfect shade of blonde to match your complexion.

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Blonde hair colors are something that will never go out of style, and you can’t go wrong with this pretty butterscotch blonde. This golden blonde hair color is perfect if you want a natural look. The fade from dark roots to a golden ombre is just subtle and blends so perfectly that no one will guess it’s not your natural shade.

Ask for darker blonde roots and a soft fade to a gorgeous shade of butterscotch. This works best on those with a soft, peachy complexion and light eyes, but will still compliment any skin tone nicely. If you want a look that works for all seasons, this shade is just what you need.

Bronde is quickly becoming one of the most popular blonde hair colors. And you can easily see why it is taking the world by storm. This cross between a soft brown and light blonde shade if the perfect combination for those who can’t decide if they want to go blonde or brunette. Why not have the best of both worlds with bronde hair?

This shade works best for those with warmer skin tones and dark eyes. However, if you have the right attitude, you can totally rock this sexy shade of bronde!

One of our favorite blonde hair shades is this soft buttery blonde. A pretty combo of light ash blonde, honey blonde and platinum blonde, butter blonde is the perfect shade if you are looking for something very feminine and chic. Imagine a buttery blend of blonde hues on cascading curls for a truly romantic flair that will drive men wild.

Ask your stylist which blend of buttery blonde will work best for your complexion. You don’t want look washed out. You might want to opt for a darker base with a few subtle butter blonde hues or you might want to go for all over buttery blonde balayage tones.

If you want a look that will make you feel like a modern blonde goddess, this stripy sheer gold is calling your name. The dark undertone with soft blonde hues and baby blonde ends is just subtle enough so people make think it’s your real hair color.

Tousled, choppy waves like the ones shown here are a great way to showcase this golden blonde blend. Get ready to prove that blondes really have more fun with this look of pure spun gold!

Got naturally wavy blonde tresses? What’s more perfect than a blend of warm and cool blonde tones that melt like butter? A slightly darker blonde base with varying shades of platinum blonde makes for a stunning combo of buttery blonde shades.

Ready to rock those sexy beach waves? Wash or wet your hair and apply a generous amount of sea salt spray, tousle your tresses and go! You’ll look like you just stepped off the beach with these sassy beach waves!

If a slightly darker blonde is more your speed, this tawny gold shade is all the rage right now. The fade of golden blonde hues is so soft and subtle that no one will even notice that it’ not your natural shade. Start off with a dark ash blonde base and fade to a soft shade of golden blonde at the tips and men will stop and stare when you walk by. Add in some sexy messy waves, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

Benefits of Dirty Blonde Hair Trend

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There are many benefits of the dirty blonde hair trend and the first being it’s flattering to many skin colors. Not everyone can pull off platinum hair or brunette hues, so dirty is a happy medium. This mid-level blonde also looks incredible when paired with highlights and lowlights. It’s an excellent base for all kinds of highlighting techniques and that makes it far from boring.

In addition to the versatility, medium blonde hair is a healthier way to brighten up locks without causing excessive damage. Your in-salon visits will be less frequent, thus resulting in less damage to your tresses over time.


Reasons To Keep A Dark Blonde Hair Color

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Why stick with dark blonde hair color? Just ask any of the hot blondes who are sprouting this sexy shade! Dirty blonde used to be considered dull and shabby, but now it’s one of the most trending shades of blonde. Still, not sure, read on to find out why dirty blonde is where it’s at!

  1. Dark blonde hair vs light brown hair has a ton of dimension with its subtle shades. If you are looking to add depth to your hair, dark blonde is definitely the way to go!
  2. Dark blonde is less maintenance than platinum or very light blonde shades. You won’t need as many touch-ups, which is always a bonus.
  3. Dirty blonde hair is perfect if you want a look that’s natural, sexy and sophisticated.
  4. Dark blonde hair flatters every eye color and skin tone. Pale shades of blonde can leave you looking pale or washed out.
  5. Dark blonde hair is healthier than you will not have to keep bleaching your hair to keep it a pale shade such as platinum.

Dirty Blonde Ombre Hair With Long Layers


Dirty blonde, the sophisticated, more natural-looking sibling of platinum and yellow blonde hair colors, has so many spectacular tones. Why not show off them all with dirty blonde ombre hair? The ombre coloring technique is tremendously trendy these days. Ombres commonly start darker at the roots and remain so through the center and then progressively lighten toward the ends. An ombre is great for those who want a unique style that requires little upkeep. This model’s dirty blonde curly hair looks incredible in a dirty blonde ombre. The graduated ash blonde color and sun-kissed beachy waves complement one another brilliantly and go together, like, well, the sea and sand.


Dirty Blonde Hair With Blonde Highlights


As we age, often hair color deepens from blonde to even a brunette shade. Adding highlights can brighten up dirty hues and make you look and feel more youthful. Because this level is high up enough on the color charts, it lifts fairly easily without pulling orange or brassy tones. A few face-framing highlights will give you that vacation look that goes great with texture and waves.

Wavy Natural Dirty Blonde Hair

Speaking of waves, a mixture of blonde adds movement and texture to this look. While the model’s roots are clearly visible, they remain soft enough to skip a few months of brightening in between. This fun-in-the sun color is professional yet playful. Whether on the beach or in the board room, dirty blondes clearly know how to have fun. An d look fabulous doing it.

Extra Long Dirty Blonde Hair With Lowlights

You simply can’t take your eyes off this model’s dirty blonde hair with lowlights. You just want to run out to the salon and beg the hairstylist to give you the same look. Lowlights add intensity and dimension, which is why they look so dazzling on long hair. And do you notice how the color also makes her hazel eyes beam? Her warm skin favors brown. Dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes are truly a winning combination.


Cute Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

Take a moment to look at the Renaissance paintings of beautiful women. They set beauty standards, some of which still exist. Most had strawberry blonde hair. It isn’t a natural hair color, though. Women back then went through a lot to achieve it. Today, women must dye their hair to achieve it, too, but so what? It’s simple now. And, what if you aren’t sure? Suppose you can’t decide between strawberry and dirty blonde? Or, maybe you aren’t sure which would flatter you best. Do both, then! This model’s dirty strawberry blonde hair perfectly combines warm highlights for dirty blonde hair and red undertones. The energy just sparkles. There are plenty of variations for nearly every skin tone. Warm strawberry blonde favors neutral and fair skin tones, while more auburn strawberry blonde favors warmer skin tones.

Dirty Blonde Hair With Blue Tips

Dip dyed hair is certainly the rage these days. There are guides all over the Internet, so you can do it yourself at home with a kit from the nearby beauty store. No matter what color your hair, there’s a dip that’ll instantly revamp you. And there are so many natural and unnatural colors from which to choose. Because blue has so many variants (cornflower, sky blue, cadet blue, aquamarine, navy blue, teal), it’s one of the most popular unnatural color choices. There’s one for every complexion and hair color. This model’s dirty blonde hair with blue tips is utterly fantastic. She looks modern, sassy, and one-of-a-kind. And the way the blue peaks out from her braid adds even more distinction and personality.

Dirty Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

Pink is such a great highlight. It’s romantic, soft, and classy, but yet funky, too! Pink lets you be anything you want, really. You can easily change your look from day to night, office to party – from one minute to the next, actually. Dirty blonde hair with pink highlights is the subtle color choice. It certainly jazzes up this model’s dirty blonde hair color. She’ll definitely stand out wherever she goes, be it a networking lunch, party, or family reunion. And if she has blue eyes, watch out. When a dirty blond haired girl with blue eyes adds pink highlights to her hair, she will literally stop people dead in their tracks.


Ash Blonde Hair Color Idea

Ash blonde hair, regardless of whether it’s light, medium, dark, or whatever, looks fabulously with highlights. Most blonde hair shades require strict upkeep to look fresh, but because ash blonde is so subdued, you have more freedom. This lovely lady’s balayage on dirty blonde hair, which exquisitely blends varying shades of ash and dirty blonde, works so well that you really can’t tell where the ends actually meet. It’s what fashion photographers and magazine publishers would call “editorial,” meaning they’d have to immediately photograph her for a fashion spread. And her alluring swooped-over style evokes classic Hollywood appeal that remains powerful today and continues to influence.

Cute Layered Short Dirty Blonde Hair

For years, women evaded dirty blonde hair. But not anymore. Dirty blonde hair is now becoming the favored blonde choice. It offers relief from the heavy bleaching and damage most blonde colors require and cause, while its shades can also be customized to flatter and brighten your skin tone and fit in with your daily routine. For what more could you possibly ask? Take for example this model’s cute layered short dirty blonde hair. It begins with dark roots, then the cool color immediately jumps in and adds depth and brightness to the beachy waves in her short dirty blonde hair, then ends with a pretty choppy bob. It’s absolutely adorable.

Curly Dirty Blonde Hair With Subtle Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/suetyrrellstylist

Dirty blonde hair has certainly had to put up with insults. Not only does it have “dirty” in its title, but it’s also called “dishwater blonde” because someone, somewhere claimed it looked like water used to clean dirty dishes. Ewww! Now, would you use such insulting terms to describe this young lady’s gorgeous hair? Just look at what those subtle, sun-kissed highlights on dirty blonde hair accomplished. Dirty blonde sits between light brown and dark blonde, so golden blonde tones warm it, and ashy tones cool it. Though her curly dirty blonde hair is very long, the golden tones warm her dark skin tone and emphasize her beautiful lips and eyes. That’s why dirty blonde hair is a great shade for anyone.


Lavender And Dirty Blonde Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyfranco

Ombre hair doesn’t have to be done on a platinum base. These dirty blonde waves with lilac and deep purple dipped ends are quite appealing.

Pale Dirty Blonde

Credit photo: instagram.com/julia.vorontsova.blond.expert

This sexy look with its face-framing highlights is quite stunning. The darker roots and lighter tones on top have a sexy peek-a-boo effect.

Dirty Blonde Balayage

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The long layers with a golden dark blonde on the top and light blonde undertones have a sexy sun-kissed vibe. This retro look with its long, flowing dirty blonde tendrils will make you look like a retro 70s goddess.


Muted Honey Tones

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This shade goes well with porcelain skin and blue or green eyes. The deep honey hues will nicely compliment those with delicate skin and eyes.

Tousled Pixie

Credit photo: instagram.com/lavieduneblondie

This short and sassy tousled pixie is perfect for those who want to rebel against the typical shorter bob. The varying hues of blonde and tousled layers add depth and texture to this adorable pixie.

Gold And Platinum Dirty Blonde Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/julia.vorontsova.blond.expert

This alluring cut with its captivating curls and perfect blend of platinum and golden blonde will add volume to thinner hair for a sensual vibe.


Brunette Roots With Dirty Blonde Tips

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This striking contrast with drastic dark roots and golden dirty blonde tips is delightful and dramatic.

Elegant Undercut


This sexy short style with a dark blonde undercut and light blonde top layers is both elegant and trendy for those who want a look that’s slightly edgy but still sophisticated.

Sun Kissed Gradient

Credit photo: instagram.com/julia.vorontsova.blond.expert

With its sun kissed highlights throughout, this longer cut with dark ashy blonde roots and golden blonde will give you that perfect LA Diva vibe.


Dirty Golden Blonde Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/cutyourhair

This fun shade with golden and ashy high and lowlights is a bit more edgy with this long choppy bob.

Sunshine And Sass

Credit photo: instagram.com/_heyhelena

This multi-tonal blonde with bright blonde highlights that gently frame your face and darker blonde streaks in the back is the perfect combo of sass and sophistication. The long, textured layers add a ton of volume and movement that will glisten in the sun.

Pale Blonde Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/ashley.m.stylist

This very pale toned balayage is perfect for those with fair skin and light eyes.


Darkest Blonde

Credit photo: instagram.com/frances_hairartist

With its warm blonde highlights on a deep dark brunette base, this look is stunning on those with medium or olive complexions and dark eyes.

Dirty Blonde Curly Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/soraverly

Every girl wants Carrie Bradshaw's adorable “Sex & The City” curly chin-length bob. These sexy curls will never go out of style!

Buttery Blonde Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

This multi-dimensional wavy do with darker roots and warm buttery blonde babylights is playful and spunky.


Curly Highlighted


Switch on your A-game by curling your hair with highlights. You will resemble a Hollywood star.

Cold Light Violet Dirty Blonde

Credit photo: instagram.com/presleypoe

This color fade involves a transition from warmer dirty blonde to colder light violet.

Natural Base And Higlighted Ends


Adding some highlights to the ends is just perfect in case you don’t wish to damage your gorgeous natural locks.


A Lot Of Highlights

It’s often difficult to get the perfect blonde shade at once by simply dying hair. In these cases, stylists offer to add many blonde highlights and repeat the process till it’s possible to dye hair blonde.

Honey Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/suetyrrellstylist

Honey ombre won’t be flattering to all babes. Keep in mind that darker roots will steal volume.

Warm Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/centro_degrade_joelle

If your tresses are naturally straight, thick, and heavy, stop dreaming about getting full-length curls at home. Just wave the ends and keep down your enthusiasm.


Silver Strands

Credit photo: instagram.com/adlydesign

A silver hair shade is not something uncommon today. But boost the volume from the roots if you don’t wish your hair to appear dirty.

Shaggy Bob

This haircut will be perfect for the real tomboys. An edged style will only emphasize the effect.

Peach Princess

Credit photo: instagram.com/goddamneddavid

This hairstyle definitely oozes a flirty vibe. It’s an example of getting everything in one hairstyle: volume, texture, sassiness.

As you can see, there are a ton of fun and flirty looks for dirty blonde hair! Find the one that works for you and get ready for a sexy new look for spring!


FAQ: Dirty Blonde Hair

What is special about dirty blonde hair?

Dirty blonde is a color that generally combines light and dark blonde tones. Another advantage of the style is that it allows you to protect your hair from the harm that comes with bleaching while yet giving a brighter appearance to your face due to the golden highlights.

Is dirty blonde hair natural?

Roots tend to fade out more naturally as your hair grows as a result of the mix of different colours. If that wasn’t enough, you may also relax when it comes to styling because dirty blonde is a more natural color.

What colors do dirty blondes look good in?

Light blonde to filthy or dark blonde are the natural hair colors, with no noticeable orange undertones at the root. Cool tones with a softer value, such as lavender, pastel blue, mauve, silver- gray, off-white, and light green, work well with dirty blondes.

  • Dirty blonde is the ultimate hair color for woman. Source
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