Inspiring And Youthful Haircuts With Bangs To Diversify Your Daily Look

Haircuts With Bangs Can Take A Fresh Look At Your Style!

Haircuts with bangs, whatever they are, always look special. The truth is, with the infinite variety of cuts and bangs duos, there’s no way you won’t find a suitable new style for you. Bangs can hide our flaws, make us look younger, make our silhouette appear more lively, and volume up our locks. As for their visual side, besides all those pleasant features, they look unbelievably cute and lovely.


When you feel that life needs some changes, you can cut your hair short. Let it be fringe! Stunning bangs, color ideas, and trendy haircuts are waiting for you to pair them right now. Let’s go!

Wavy Hair With Side Long Bangs

Bangs are not always an all-over super thick fringe that hides most of your face. They can be different. They’re even more diverse than you think. Ladies who want to add some movement to their hair, giving some face-framing touch to their locks, can opt for chin length bangs. This side fringe isn’t too obvious; it melts with your hair very seamlessly. For wavy hairstyles, this idea is a must-try.

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Punky And Sassy Auburn Pixie

Keen on daring looks? Well, there’s a fringe for bold women too! Pixie cuts seem to be a never-ending trend that girls will always sport, so we need to add something new to make it look unique. Why don’t pair pixie haircuts with bangs? Once you beautify your eye-catching punky pixie with bangs that hit above your forehead, you will be impressed by the texture and volume of your spiky look.

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Classy Short Bob With Fringe

The reason why we love fringe hairstyles so much is that they know how to play around with our face. Be ready to feel like a new person after cutting bangs: they change everything. For example, look at this pic: with this full bang, paired with lovely short bob, all the facial features of this girl look absolutely balanced. Get annoyed with your prominent forehead? This look can smooth it out.

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A-line Lob With Blunt Bang

A-line lobs give us the versatility that we, indecisive girls, are always looking for. Not too long and not too short, that’s probably the best characteristics for this cut. And if you feel disappointed about your face shape, the lob still has some ideas. A blunt bang, which is famous for its powerful framing effect, will come in handy: your forehead is concealed by this cute fringe, while your cheekbones are framed by the front locks of your lob.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram


Layered Long Hair With Side-Swept Bangs

Long hair can be both a blessing and a curse. When your hair is fine, it’s almost impossible to tame your long locks, and when it’s thin, it lacks volume and looks awfully flat. So here come layered haircuts with bangs, our heroes! Layers add body and a lot of movement. And if you sport it with side swept bangs, you can be sure that your hair will always be on point.

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Blonde Hair With Side Fringe

Feels like your life needs some new colors? When you decide to go for bangs, you can let your imagination go a bit further and go for more changes. Side fringe and new hair color are actually a good idea to brighten up your days. Trendy wheat blonde hair with dark roots have never been more awesome than this look with side bangs. That’s how stylish changes look like!

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Light Purple Ash Hairstyle With Thick Bangs

Your brand new hair color can be as eye-catching as you want. Those who are not afraid to be noticed and fancy going for something unusual, this color idea is something you shouldn’t miss. Light purple ash hair looks incredibly stylish, especially when it’s combined with bangs. This medium haircut with slight waves and thick bangs is salvation for women with chubby faces, as it draws attention to the central facial features: your lovely eyes and nose.

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Long Black Hair With Faux Bangs

Not only scissors can give bangs to you; your creativity is another way to get the desired fringe. Do you want to know whether bangs suit you before cutting your hair? A tricky half-up is all you need. Believe it or not, these are faux bangs!

You can twist the top layer of your long hair around the crown, creating a top knot. And the point is not to wrap the ends fully around. You should leave them on halfway to lie on your forehead so that it looks like a fringe. Voila! Haircuts with bangs can impress.

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Shag Haircut With Curtain Bangs

The edgy twists of shag haircuts can literally take your hairstyle to a whole new level. Sassy messiness, sexy fullness, and voluminous body to your hair are guaranteed. This cut is usually chosen by women with round faces, as it gives a nice face-framing effect. With curtain bangs and messy, shaggy strands, your face will look larger and slimmer.

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Pink Bob Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

Bang hairstyles come in different forms, so the curtain bangs can have many faces. This short bob with framing bangs, which open up your beautiful brows, is a good idea to flatter your oval face. The side strands will frame your cheeks, balancing out the whole silhouette.

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Short Curly Bob With Bangs

Despite all the stereotypes about curly hair, nothing can stop you from embellishing your hair with bangs. Getting a fringe for your curls isn’t the easiest task, but nobody says that it’s impossible. And you know what? Nothing looks more effortless than curly haircuts with bangs. This short curly bob is living proof!

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Long Layered Haircut With Side Bangs

Haircuts with bangs that feature long layers will be there for those who don’t want their hair to be boring. We can easily forget about the lack of fullness, volume, and life in our hair, as layered cuts know how to make them stay. Ladies with diamond face shape will like the idea of layered side bangs: it will highlight their awesome cheekbones and smooth out the look.

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Long Hair With Straight Bangs

Straight bangs are the classic of the bangs’ world. It has no limitations: your age, hair texture, and face shape don’t matter now. It’s all about making you look exceptionally gorgeous. Want to look ten years younger? Straight fringe will take some years and wrinkles off. Want your big and long forehead to look harmonious?

They will be there for you. Sport it with long hair to get a truly well-balanced look.

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Icy Blonde Lob With Side Fringe

If you don’t like when your roots don’t match the rest of your hair, this all-white icy blonde is for you! Cool tones are another trend that women of all ages can’t resist: their beauty is just so tempting. Unfortunately, bleaching or pre-lightening experience makes your hair dry and inelastic. And our advice is to opt for side bangs to make it look more alive. Bangs will just bring the balance back to your look, so your damaged hair still can look wonderful.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Medium Haircut With Baby Bangs

No wonder that you’ve seen plenty of cuts with baby bangs lately: they’re a huge trend that beats all the beauty charts. These above-brows cuties don’t frame your face; they simply freshen up your haircut. The best thing is, ladies with any hair type can pull it off; this tiny fringe is easy to get for everyone. Yes, the lovely duo you see in the pic is the most versatile look among all the haircuts with bangs.

Source: triz via Instagram

Icy Blonde Long Hair With Side Bangs

Side parted hairstyles can turn you into a sexy goddess in a trice. But to bring this transformation to life, you should be ready for experiments. These ‘before and after’ pics show you that those who are not afraid of changes get the most flattering results. What are you waiting for? Call your hairstylist, ask him or her for icy blonde hair color and accentuating side bangs!

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Short Brown Bob With Blunt Bangs

No women in the world are not familiar with bung bangs; they’re the first thing we go for when it comes for a fringe. Nowadays, modern hairstylists recommend to cut them a little thinner than your hair is to make them more flexible when styling. If you are about to steal this cute short bob, remember to style your bangs in the way they don’t obscure your brows.

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Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs

Girls will never get tired of pixies; they’re our best friends. This haircut has proven that short hair doesn’t hide your femininity and don’t make you look less beautiful. Those who want to keep their face as open as possible will fall in love with this idea: the pixie cut enhances the beauty of your facial features, while side bangs create a fascinating, a bit asymmetrical silhouette.

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Short Pink Bob With Baby Bangs

When you are about to go big with your hair, baby bangs are the exclamation point for your bright look. The thing is, this type of bangs instantly moves any haircut to a more modern level. Whether it’s the overwhelming pink hair trend or your hair mood is going to turn gray, combining it with cute baby bangs will add the needed modern flair.

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Textured Medium Bob With Curtain Bangs

Loose curtain bangs blending with your softly layered bob: that’s what we call a dream come true. If a haircut is voluminous and its locks fall distinctively on one another while giving a soft framing touch, it’s nothing but a masterpiece came from above. Source: chrisjones_hair via Instagram

Lob With Thick Straight Fringe

If enhancing the enviable thickness of your hair is what you aim for, then the classic straight fringe with a lob is your go-to. Of course, if you have a wide forehead, you will simply feed two birds with one scone by going for such a duo. By the way, the look will be even more harmonic if you tousle it all up, including bangs.

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Center-Parted Long Bangs

It’s hard to see where the bangs end and the haircut begins; the blend is so smooth that they form a stunning single whole. Needless to say, the front is not only face-framing but also extremely voluminous. To reach perfection, make sure to ask your stylist for long layers throughout your mane so that your center-parted bangs could “melt” with the rest of your hair.

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Wavy Long Hair With Blunt Bangs

Another irresistible way to play around with contrastive textures. As a matter of fact, girls with diamond face shapes shouldn’t miss this idea as it’s meant to build the ideal balance to all their facial features. Long waves will soften the edgy parts of the face while blunt bangs will cover up the broad forehead. And it goes without saying that keeping the bangs straight will add more character to the look.

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Angled Bob With Side Long Bang

Even though angled bob haircuts seem to be just perfect by default, there’s no limit to perfection. You can always take your haircut to the next level by experimenting with its texture. Well, this time it should be bangs: a long side fringe will give a twist of interest to your edgy haircut, thus helping you to individualize your look.

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Shaggy Lob With Long Side Bangs

Now, it’s time to wave those bangs! Most ladies leave the bangs straight, regardless of what texture the rest of the hair has. And that’s actually a nice way to sport them, but when you want to create a totally authentic look, let your bangs take part in your hairstyle. Here, for example, you can see how ravishing a shaggy bob with long bangs looks when every single strand is waved. Also, don’t forget to tousle up the waves a little: it will make the look alive.

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

All these haircuts with bangs can change your life for the better! Now you see that even regular, familiar cuts can look exceptional, just add a fringe to it. Don’t stand still: bang on to keep up with the trends!