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Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs

Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs #haircutswithbangs #haircuts #pixiehaircut

Girls will never get tired of pixies; they’re our best friends. This haircut has proven that short hair doesn’t hide your femininity and don’t make you look less beautiful. Those who want to keep their face as open as possible will fall in love with this idea: the pixie cut enhances the beauty of your facial features, while side bangs create a fascinating, a bit asymmetrical silhouette. And the best thing is: such haircut can give a thicker and well-balanced look to thin hair types and whip thick locks into shape.

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Straight Bob Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

Straight Bob Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs #haircutswithbangs #haircuts #bobhaircut

Bang hairstyles come in different forms, so the curtain bangs can have many faces. This short bob with framing bangs, which open up your beautiful brows, is a good idea to flatter your oval face. The side strands will frame your cheeks, balancing out the whole silhouette. Keep in mind that this particular idea is designed to work on thicker hair as fine textures can’t keep up with its voluminous body.

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Brown Bob With Blunt Bangs

Brown Bob With Blunt Bangs #haircutswithbangs #haircuts #bobhaircut #brownhair

No women in the world are not familiar with bung bangs; they’re the first thing we go for when it comes for a fringe. Plus, they can adapt to any hair type. Nowadays, modern hairstylists recommend to cut them a little thinner than your hair is to make them more flexible when styling. If you are about to steal this cute short bob, remember to style your bangs in the way they don’t obscure your brows.

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