Summer Hair Colors To Show Your Appreciation Of Sunny Days

Make Your Days Hotter With Trendy Summer Hair Colors

Summer hair colors are the ones who know how to make this summer unforgettable. What comes to your mind when you think of this time of year? Something bright, sunny, fresh, and pleasurable, right? The truth is that your hair can bring all these cute things to your life. Just dye your hair in a bright summer-inspired color! Some summer vibes on your hair will make your summer days even brighter and hotter! Don’t believe us? These ideas will make you change your mind. We will tell you how you can make this summer stay a little longer. Let’s go!

Pastel Cosmic Hair Colors

Do you want to find yourself in a fairytale? Summer is the best time of year for color experiments, so it’s time to let the sun shine down on your brand new hair color! How about you to start with something unbelievable? Once you mix such soft pastel purple and pink colors, people won’t believe their eyes. If you like these unusual summer hair colors, it’s better to opt for shatush. This coloring technique dyes your hair randomly, so you will be surprised when you braid your hair. Source: bescene via Instagram


Hair Kissed By The Sun

If you want to be closer to the sun, there’s no way better than to dye your hair blonde. Though the natural blonde hair color may seem to be too simple, just wait till the sunlight reaches your head. This color is a mixture of magnificent honey, creamy, and butter hues, that’s why girls love it so much. To spice it up, ask your colorist to leave roots a bit darker. Source: _hairbygabrielle via Instagram


Rose Gold Ombre

Rose gold has become one of the most requested colors not for nothing. This color made pastel hues trendy, so no wonder that now every girl dreams of changing her hair color to something soft and pale. Since the combination of rose base and golden hues is not too drastic, it can work for any girl: both brunettes and blondes can try this lovely ombre. Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram


Fashionable Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is the new black, don’t even try to deny it! Though it’s the color of now, it’s ageless. Imagine that some apricotty salmon hues were mixed with grapefruit tint to create a perfect color for you. Sounds amazing, right? Why don’t give it a try this summer? This color will match any summer outfit, that’s for sure. Source: tamebyniki via Instagram


Summer Balayage Highlights On Curly Hair

This incredible light balayage on brown curls is a look to steal. But before dyeing your hair to the color you want, make sure that it matches your skin tone. For example, girls with warm skin tones can easily bring this idea to life, while lighter complexions look better with paler hair colors. Source: rodrigocintra via Instagram

Dark Hair Is A Must Try

Dark hair colors are something that every girl should try in her life. This color doesn’t care about your age and skin tone; it just wants to make you look sexy. Such a dark color with brownish hues can be a nice look to sport this summer. Your suntan and this color will form the hottest duo ever. Source: sheffpavelstylist via Instagram

Light Ash Blonde Balayage

If you ask your hairstylist to show some hair color trends, the light ash blonde will be the first thing you see. Girls with light skin are always offered with this pale, a bit faded idea, as it can emphasize the beauty of their skin tone. Impress everyone with a contrast of white strands and ashy balayage: such a summer look is the one to remember. Source: sheffpavelstylist via Instagram


Multidimensional Soft Ombre

Summertime is all about freshness and liveliness. Some movement to your natural hair color won’t hurt! Hair colors pictures are made to inspire us, and this pic is the inspiration in its purest form. The dark brown base gradually transits to warm light highlights and a bit reddish ends. We can’t just imagine our lives without an ombre, can you? Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Light Brown Hair With Highlights

Beachy waves are a must have for every summer. It seems that no girl would miss these cuties. Yes, it’s common, but you can make it look like a brand new hairstyle. You can embellish your light brown hair with some lighter hues, getting yourself some simple sun-kissed highlights. Those with thin hair, this idea is essential for you to try: waves + multiple natural hues = volume. Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Dramatic Ombre Bob

We all dream of a face-frame hairstyle that will put an end to our insecurities. Actually, a medium bob with ombre on the front locks is the salvation you are looking for. These contrast graduated colors create an unbelievably voluminous silhouette, while your front locks frame your round or oval face adorably. This idea is definitely worth your attention! Source: romeufelipe via Instagram


Wheat Blonde Hair Color

As you already know, most hair color ideas 2018 feature pale and faint tints. And this idea is probably the trendiest one: it mixes three stunning blonde shades, keeping your hair look natural. The best thing is, it works well for any complexion. Girls with light or pale skin can mix caramel, light ashy, and platinum highlights, and those with medium or dark skin should leave roots dark so that it looks authentically. Source: via Instagram

Champagne Blonde Sombre

Let’s raise a glass of champagne for this fantastic summer. To be more exact, a glass of champagne blonde sombre. Such an elegant hair color can beautify your days, and even summer won’t be able to take eyes off this beauty. A sombre can give smoother graduation from darker roots to champagne hues than an ombre, so don’t miss this cool toned beauty! Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Seductive Strawberry Blonde

Going from one extreme to another? Don’t know what to choose between red and blonde hair? Here comes the happy medium between these two: the amazing strawberry blonde. Not all the strawberry blondes have this hair color since birth, as this attractive color is quite rare. So why don’t you add to your locks this tasteful mixture of reddish tint and caramel blonde base? It looks gorgeous, and that’s all you need to know. Source: romeufelipe via Instagram


Dark Ashy Blonde

Not only bright colors can make heads turn, and the dark ashy blonde is living proof. It’s another cool tone of blonde, but this time it has a soft grayish tint. If you search for summer hair colors 2018, this one will probably be on the top of the charts. To freshen up your look, you can sport this blonde with highlighted front locks. Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Shatush On Brunette Hair

Here comes an adorable idea for brunettes. Shatush is quite easy to maintain. Actually, you don’t need to do anything: you hair will sort things out. It looks natural when it washes out, so you don’t need to call your hairstylist every time your color becomes less bright. If you don’t want to cause damage, you can dye your ends only. Just look at this pic: dyed ends are enough to look stunning. Source: via Instagram

Creamy Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

It’s not a secret that dark roots will never go out of style, especially for blondes. Girls with light hair know how to sport it awesomely, do you want to be one of these blondies? The creamy blonde color is a right decision for those who need some hair changes: it’s stylish, it’s trendy, it’s modern. Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram


Soft Purple Hair Color

There’s no need to tell you that unusual hair colors are the hardest to maintain. But, who says that it’s impossible? Sometimes we have to sacrifice something to look beautiful. After looking at this idea, you will understand that such a purple beauty, adorned with a white tint, is worth all the time and money in the world. Source: guy_tang via Instagram

Grey Hair With Blue Hues

Some girls think that nothing can be more stylish than grey hair. And they’re right! This hair trend has won the hearts of women all over the world. Nowadays, white or grey hair is not about old age; it’s all about good taste. Have you ever seen a grey shade better than one with a blue tint? Well, this hair color will steal the show, and you can be a part of this stylish crime. Source: bescene via Instagram

Pastel Pink Ombre

Pastel pink transition that goes right from your darker roots is a hair dream of every girl. Summer is the time when we want to wear the most colorful clothes, why don’t spice them up with trendy hair color? It’s light and pastel, so don’t worry; it won’t be too drastic, yet will be the center of attention. Source: via Instagram


Sexy Burgundy Hair

Looking for a seductive finish to your summer look? Nothing can be sweeter than burgundy hair color. This color suits any complexion, so nothing can stop you from sporting the color that was meant to make heads turn. Source: flukeofmakeup via Instagram

Pale Auburn Color

Ladies who seek naturalness will love this effortless-looking idea. Whether you are a brunette or a girl with naturally light hair, such an upgrade won’t hurt. Brunettes will love how this paler tint beautifies their locks, and blondes will fall in love with total color changes. Source: annefariaa via Instagram

Holographic Hair

Why don’t make your hair display the trendiest colors? The most requested hues rolled into one: platinum blonde, soft pastel blue and light whitish purple that melt together. Creative ones won’t pass it by! Source: rossmichaelssalon via Instagram


Silver Sky Blue Hair

Don’t ever hesitate to show how unique you are! Natural hair colors are gorgeous, but sometimes we all need something unusual to brighten our days. This pale, silvery blue hair color that goes lighter to the ends is something that every stylish girl should try. Source: bescene via Instagram

Bright Mermaid Hair Color

Mermaid hair can be different: so here’s another idea that will turn your life into a fairytale. It seems like summer is the best time to sport extraordinary colors, as it’s the brightest season ever. Mix violet, blue, deep rose colors together; you can’t have too much of colors, right? Source: jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram

Bright Blonde

A totally new take on blonde hair color is here to show its endless variety. While people associate most bright blonde shades with saturated caramel or light sandy options, this idea moves in the opposite direction. First of all, it’s platinum. Second, it’s warm platinum. A pattern interrupt, huh? Instead of giving a classic cool tone, this shade of whitish blonde is enriched with warm undertones. Isn’t that a nice way to catch people’s eyes this summer? Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram


Mushroom Brown

Remember the motivational quote “be the best version of you”?. Well, it seems like brown hair color took it seriously and decided to give birth to a trend embracing the best shades of brown ever. Mushroom brown is taking over the world, not for nothing! The most pleasant brunette hues, where the lighter ones make the look stand out and the darker make it even deeper at the same time. Just too good to be true, isn’t it? Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram

Saturated Lavender

One day we want to flaunt with a glossy no-makeup look, and the other day we barge in with a dramatic smokey. That’s life, girl. And it just so happens that the same goes to our hair. As you might have noticed, this idea is meant for ladies who are tired of looking natural and really want to see heads turning. Lavender hair color, whatever shade it is, is like the on-trend gray: it goes well with all complexions. In other words, you won’t go wrong! Source: evalam_ via Instagram


Not everyone may like to have caramel in their coffees, but there won’t ever be a person who will put off this idea. Here, the caramel accents act as molten sunlight that shines down on the brunette mane, thus enhancing its charm. Needless to say, with this color, you will have a summer-ready look regardless of what season is knocking at the door. Source: chrisweberhair via Instagram


True Gold With Black Roots

Pure gold escaping from your head, leaving just a hint of your natural base. You can call it magic, and we call it perfectly done balayage with a smooth blend at the roots. To achieve a gold-reminiscent combination, don’t get intimidated by commitment. Mix various shades of blonde, taking gold hue as a basis, and be ready to rock a piece of art on your head. Source: larisadoll via Instagram


If you’re wondering if there’s a color that can beat the rose gold and gray hair trends, that’s it. Although it takes a skilled professional to achieve the authentic pearlescent transition, it can outshine any other color when done right. Those who are ready for bleaching and not afraid of changes should not dare to miss this idea! Source: larisadoll via Instagram