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Are You Ready to Learn the Freshest Bob Cut Hair Trends?

Are you following bob cut hair trends? If yes, then you will definitely find fresh looks in this post. If no, it is high time to start as this haircut is not only one of the most popular these days but also extremely versatile. And really, you won’t often see a haircut that has both of these qualities. Usually haircuts are either trending or versatile. It’s life, baby.

But which cut to choose from all those chic bob haircuts? Your choice should be based on your face shape, and this is number one rule to remember. Thus, a choppy layered lob is great for ladies whose face shape is round. And avoid waves as well as a straight-across fringe. If your face shape is square, never opt for a blunt bob with a heavy fringe. You don’t wish to accentuate that squareness, right? Smooth and soft lines are for you.

Moving on, in case your face is oval, any bob will do: even one of stacked bob haircuts will only enhance your facial features. Ask your stylist for a blunt, chin-length bob, wavy bob, and a straight-across fringe if you have a diamond face shape. But it’s better to avoid a straight-across fringe in case your face is heart-shaped. And a chin-length or shorter bob cut will compliment an oblong face.

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