Choosing hairstyles for black girls is always a topic of interest among women. To get beautiful and adorable black girl hairstyles, you don’t have to get a haircut just to create one. If your girl's hair length isn’t long, getting braids or cornrows with hair extensions is an easy way to go about it. But if her hair is long enough to be styled, you might not need to go all the way out to create a stylish hairstyle for her. Also, consider going for hair options that don’t stress the scalp of the head. Thinking of what style to get for your girl today? Read further because our list is exhaustive enough to cover your peculiar tastes and preferences.


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Loosened Waves Textured Hair

If you’re looking for the right way to flaunt your girl’s hair length, loosened waves is one of the cute girls hairstyles that doesn’t stress you much. So far your girl has natural curls, all you might just need to do is part her hair in the center then apply the right hair product to better highlight her curls before brushing her hair. You can leave the hair to fall freely on both sides of her face or introduce a cute bow headband to better position her hair, giving her a cute appearance.


Knotless Box Braids

For long-lasting hairstyles, knotless box braids aren't only trendy but also fun to make. You can use any color extension of your choice or combine two different colors to produce an adorable look. Also, leave little edges hair that can be styled once the braids are completed to make your girls look like black celebrity kids. For the length of the braids, you don’t want to make it too long as it might feel heavy and disturb them a little. Knotless braids are great because they are soft on the scalp and stylish for your girls.

Braids with High Bun

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Kids with thick natural curls might need help to pick lovely kids braids that fit their hair texture. How about weaving all the hair up to the center of the head and then adding fake buns to the tip to make it look more natural? These are cute hairstyles for black girls that don’t require much time and effort, especially for kids who can’t sit in a spot for a long time. You might just want to place the bun tightly as playing around might cause it to come off quickly and go missing.


Lemonade Cornrows - Hairstyles For Black Girls

Lemonade braids are typical girls' hairstyles that have to majorly do with the weaving of the hair. Depending on what style you wish to get, it can be braided to either the left or right side or all to the back. Tell the hairstylist to be gentle when weaving your girl's hair as you don’t want her edges to pull out and weaken the roots of her hair.

Cornrows with Ponytails and Beads

Girls love the sounds of beads moving with their hair, so getting cornrow braids with ponytails and beads might just be a dream hairstyle. Most times the length of the ponytail is advised not to pass the shoulder length and the beads should be small yet colorful. Kids play with beads a lot so they should be firmly tightened to the hair to avoid it getting into their mouth or going missing.


Twist Hairstyles For Black Girls

Using extensions that look like natural curls to create twist hairstyles will make your girl's hair have a natural yet cute appearance. It’s usually time-consuming as it involves lots of little twists but it lasts longer compared to other hairstyles. Besides, you can also style these twists depending on how you like them. To bring out your girl's baby face, you can introduce little braids on one side of the hair while the rest of the twists fall effortlessly over her forehead and her back.

Bubble Braids Ponytails for Black Girls

For a more creative and unusual hairstyle, your girl can get bubble braids. It might look a little difficult to style but a few tutorials on how to do it would give you a different impression of this hairstyle. Girls love to look pretty and getting these black girl ponytail hairstyles would bring a lovely smile to their face all day. You can add gold or silver hair accessories to the base of the hair and also the tip of the ponytail for the perfect finishing touch. Your girl is sure to look cute in this hairstyle!

Mid-Length Twisted Buns for Black Girls

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Don’t have all the time in the world to style your girl’s hair? Then part her hair into two and use pretty elastic hair bands to hold the hair into two lovely buns. She’ll surely look cute all day and you won’t have to stress over her hair. If her hair is long enough, one bun might just be all you need. You can weave the tip and then introduce an extension at the tip to cover it for a more voluminous bun. Make use of the right products that bring out the curls and also gel if you want your hair to be as sleek as possible.


Fulani Braids Hairstyles For Black Girls

Fulani braids is a traditional hairstyle accustomed to the Fula tribe. The braids are usually styled with unique patterns of thin weaved braids and are sometimes called Bo braids. Unique hair cuffs are also incorporated into the thin plaited braids and placed at different points to make it look appealing. This is a conservative choice of hairstyles for black girls and their face is sure to pop out.

Criss-Cross Braids with Bun

Cross-cross braids require all the patience in the world especially when dealing with kids. It’s a fun way to introduce colorful rubber bands into the hair and also create unique styles. It doesn’t take as much time as it seems and would work well on soft hair scalps also.

Short Conrow Braids with Beads

If you don’t want to add extensions to your girl’s hair, you can cut it into five to six sections and then make stylish weaves around it before braiding the tips. Finish the tip with twists or braids then add little beads to them. Another option is to make simple cornrows that have short braids with beads as a finishing touch. Leave out baby hair that you can use an edge control gel to style and you would have a pretty impressive result.


Indomie Twists with Ponytails

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Looking for adorable hairstyles for girls black, indomie twists are always on point for kids. You just need to start the hair with little braids then curl the rest of the hair to look like indomie. If you want to dedicate a lot of time to giving your girl the best look, you can consider getting this hairstyle. Once the twist is complete, you can pack the hair into two or three ponytails to show off her charms.

Braided Top Knot with Beads

Big braided hairstyles for black girls with a top knot are also very stylish. Girls won't have to sit for long to get this hairstyle and to make it more attractive, colorful accessories can be added to the cornrows and beads to the little braids left. She’ll definitely fall in love with this hairstyle and can’t wait to show it off to her friends.

Ponytail Braids with Colorful Thread Accents

This is just similar to getting normal braid hairstyles for black girls, the only difference being the addition of colorful threads to the hair. Adding threads to hair started trending a while back and people still love to use it to date. Instead of beads, threads are a better option and also cost-friendly. Girls also love the result especially if they get to pick the colors of threads to be incorporated into their hairstyle.


Two Small Buns with Two Pigtail Braids

Big and small black girl braided hairstyles still look as fresh as ever, especially on kids. If you do decide to weave all the hair up and style it into two buns, you can add pigtail braids on both sides of the face so that there’s a dangling effect. Kids love hairstyles that fall on the side of their face so this would definitely make them happy. Add one or two beads to each braid and you’re good to go.

Two Big Cornrows with Color Extension

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This is another time-saving, cost-effective, quick hairstyles for black girls. It might be a little painful when weaving because it entails braiding a large quantity of hair at once. Apply gel and leave in conditioner to the hair for better textures and to allow it to slip easily when braiding. You can mix different colors of hair extensions to weave the cornrows or keep things simple with just one color. Don’t forget to brush the baby hair on the edges so the hair looks tidy and neat.

Mini Braids with Small Curls

Instead of long box braids, why not make little braids and finish them off with small curls at the ends? These must-try black little girl hairstyles always make them look adorable and cute. The hairstyle is also light on the head and would go well with any event, even if it’s a school they’re going to. Change your girl's look consecutively by styling the hair as you deem fit.


Buns and Loc Knot Bangs

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Buns with loc knot bangs are very unusual to see around making them unique little black girl hairstyles. You’ll need an expert stylist to replicate this hairstyle on your little girl's hair. The bangs are the selling point of this hairstyle and would make it an exciting experience for black girls. For the beauty of the hair to come out, the hairstylist might have to hold the hair a little too tight which might not be good for a soft scalp. So apply oil products to ease the tension on the head and get your little girl ready to face the day.

Afro Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Looking for easy hairstyles for black girls? The afro hairstyle has been around for quite some decades now, and kids with thick natural curls have a better chance of replicating this hairstyle. You might want to trim the tip of your girl's hair a little if you want a perfect result and also blow dry the hair out for more texture and volume. This is typically a one-day hairstyle that might not last all day because little girls can’t help but touch their hair!

Simple 90s Buns Hairstyles For Black Girls

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Just like the name implies, style your girls natural hair into simple buns like the 90s. No stress, no sweat! Her hair has to be of a fair length since no artificial bun is added to the tip. You can also style the edges of her baby hair into loose curls or large waves so it doesn’t look too simple.


Tiny Bantu Knots

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For girls with short hair length, sectioning the hair into 10 to 15 parts and using colorful hair bands to hold them has always been a common style among kids. It shows off their innocence and adorable nature. If your little girl’s hair is too long for this style, it’s still possible to replicate it. Instead, you’ll weave out each section and then roll it into small knots, using pretty bands to hold them down. Pretty simple right?

FAQ: Hairstyles For Black Girls

What is the best hairstyle for a girl with black hair?

Girls with black hair have a wide range of options of hairstyles they can try out. However, what fits them best are braids and bun-inspired hairstyles. They can’t help but look good.

What hairstyles make you look attractive?

There are lots of hairstyles that will always give you an elegant and classy look but picking one should depend on your taste and preference. Popular hairstyles that always look attractive are bobs, pixie hairstyles, braids, bangs and a lot others.

How to choose a new hairstyle?

When choosing a new hairstyle, it’s important to consider your face shape and also what hair extensions go well with it. Also, these days, thanks to technological advancements, there are hairstyle apps that allow you to visualize what you’ll look like in your new hairstyle. Once you’ve considered this, you can get a glimpse of how your hairstyle will look in you in reality.

It’s high time to give your little girl that awesome look she deserves by picking from any of our list of hairstyles for black girls. These hairstyles have been structured to cover all hair length and hair textures to give your girls the best experience. Even if you don’t have time to take her to a hairstylist, we’ve also provided easy to do hairstyles that will look adorable on them.

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