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The Most Popular And Versatile Medium Haircuts For Women

Medium haircuts for women have become extremely popular recently. Many hair stylists notice that this length has been in for several seasons in a row and it is unlikely to go out in the nearest future. And there are many good reasons for this trend to remain strong.


For starters, medium length haircuts can suit practically everyone. Truly, no other length is more versatile, comparing to the medium length. As a result, such haircuts are spotted not only on the red carpet but also in the streets – women love wearing one. Moreover, some experts even call it an obsession.

What is peculiar about medium length hairstyles? Usually, we call it the mid length when your tresses reach somewhere between your jaw line and collarbone. So, as you might guess, the pool of options is pretty large.

And here are several aspects to consider when picking one of medium haircuts for women:

  • Make sure that the haircut of your choice flatters your face shape. There are haircuts that can enhance your facial features and hide the flaws.
  • It is advisable to take into account your hair texture when choosing a mid length haircut. Thus, if your tresses are wavy or curly, it’s better not to go for the cut that will require everyday straightening unless you have nothing else to do, of course. For the same reason, don’t pick the haircut that needs the constant waving, in case your tresses are naturally straight.
  • Of course, don’t leave out the hair density when looking for the new haircut. Pick the haircut that will grant you the exact amount of volume and movement that you need.
  • Finally, keep in mind your lifestyle. For some women, it is essential to save time, and a low maintenance mid length cut will serve this purpose perfectly. And women whose lifestyle is not that busy can go for a haircut that will require regular touchups and everyday styling.

The choice is yours, and we would like to facilitate this choice more. So, we have created a gallery where you can find your next mid length haircut. Let’s go!

Straight Medium Haircuts For Women

Straight Medium Hairstyles picture3

Source: taitkieuapril05 via Instagram

When it comes to medium length hairstyles, bobs are truly timeless. Its length allows for a variety of styling options. Plus, you can always spice things up with the color. Look how winning these vivid blue ends look against ashy hair with a hint of lavender. This combo is youthful and super refreshing. But of course, you can always keep things simpler and look no less gorgeous.


Wavy Shoulder Length Haircuts

Wavy Medium Shoulder Length Haircuts picture3

Source: hairbykatlin via Instagram

Look how sassy these medium shoulder length haircuts appear when they are waved. And when it comes to up-to-date waves, their texture is quite natural looking. This can be achieved with the existing and available styling products like texturizing spray or heat protectant. Just apply some product to your clean wet tresses, and blow dry with a round brush for more volume boost. And to get more textured waves, use a curling iron. Finish with hair spray.

Layered Medium Length Haircuts For Women

Layered Medium Length Haircuts #layeredhair #bobhaircut blondehair

Source: chrisjones_hair via Instagram

Curly medium hairstyles are chic and fun and, most importantly, they do not require much maintenance. In case you have naturally curly locks, little styling will be required. But in case you happen to have naturally straight tresses, don’t worry. First of all, the process of curling is less damaging today because of special heat protectants. Plus, devices for curling are designed in a way to decrease the hair damage as much as possible. And this means you can rock chic curls whenever you wish.


Medium Hair With Side Bangs

Medium Hair with Side Bangs picture2

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Any hair stylist would tell you that medium hair with side bangs looks quite sexy. If that is the quality you are looking for, then sporting medium haircuts for women with side bangs might be a pretty good idea. And if you choose to wave your tresses just a bit, you will take this gorgeous cut to a new level. It is because waves will add texture and dimension to this relatively simple cut with long bangs swept to the side.

Medium Hairstyles With Bangs Blunt

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs Blunt picture3

Source: wesleynobrega via Instagram

We think that medium hairstyles with bangs look especially cute and flirty, don’t you agree? Such looks range from sweet to sophisticated, depending on your styling preferences or the occasion ahead. You can wear your mid length hair with bangs sleek and a bit waved if you are having a business meeting, or messy in case you are having a night out on the town with your girlfriends.


Soft Blunt Bob For Thin Hair

Soft Blunt Bob for Thin Hair #mediumhair

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

It’s no secret that every hair type has its pros and cons. And to get most of the pros, you need to know how to show the cons who’s boss. When it comes to dealing with thin hair, for example, the main problem is the lack of volume in the hair, which leads to flat lifeless looks. The right haircut is the key to putting an end to this trouble! Don’t worry; you won’t need to spend a fortune to get a complicated, high-maintenance haircut. Soft layers on a relatively short or medium haircut will do the trick. Ask your stylist to cut off some weight from your tresses and add some movement: it will make your hair voluminous and fuller visually.

Long Bob With Beachy Waves

Long Bob with Beachy Waves #mediumhair

Source: chrisjones_hair via Instagram

A long bob is a stunning choice for ladies who love the variability in terms of styling. This haircut can nicely become a part of any women’s look, regardless of what face shape or hair type you have. On thick hair, it goes well with lightweight layers and waves; on thin hair, the haircut shows its best when it’s paired with sharp shaggy layers running throughout the length. Here, long beachy waves enhance the beauty of thick hair, intensifying the natural fullness and richness of this texture. Why don’t you copy the look?

Inverted Texturized Bob

Inverted Texturized Bob #mediumhair

Source: chrisjones_hair via Instagram

Going for inverted medium haircuts for women is a classy way to step out of your comfort zone. Its cascading length is a little detail that can add a whole lotta character to your casual hair look. Moreover, it can be both sophisticated and wild, depending on what style you’re going to pull off. You can also spice up your cut with an accentuating textured finish by asking your stylist for a texturizing through the ends. It will make them stand out, forming a pleasant silhouette, especially for thick hair.

Medium Haircuts For Women With Slight Wave

Medium Haircuts For Women With Slight Wave #mediumhair

Source: chrisjones_hair via Instagram

How about you to let some effortlessness into your life? There are medium haircuts for women that strike with their precise volumetric shape and perfectly sleek bodies. At the same time, there are lightweight, carefree haircuts full of natural volume and movement of strands that wave freely with one another. If the second type appeals to you, then this medium cut is your next point on the style list! What makes the look so airy is a soft layering that hits mid-lengths, thus bringing tons of volume in the crown. Needless to say, this idea is meant for those looking for decent, versatile wash-and-go.

Messy Tousled Lob

Messy Tousled Lob #mediumhair

Source: chrisjones_hair via Instagram

Messy hairstyles are always different! That’s because they can reveal the messy shakedown hiding inside you, expressing your inner wildness with your tousled locks. You can tousle the ends, the crown, only the top layer of hair, or simply add a messy touch to every single layer of your lob. The point is that such an effortless styling way is the easiest and the funniest.


Bob With Bangs And Swoopy Front Layers

Bob With Bangs And Swoopy Front Layers #mediumhair

Source: gulevich.vladimir via Instagram

Bob haircuts are women’s best friends who can not only listen to them but also read between the lines. There’s a bob for bold girls seeking changes, for women with thin hair trying to make it look sophisticated, for ladies with thick tresses looking for a short and practical look. In other words, the variety is limitless. Still, there’s one thing all those different options have in common: most of them feature layers, so is this bob! This time, swoopy layers blend seamlessly with front tresses. Since they’re well-textured, they give a very distinctive finish to the whole look, adding more movement to it.

Sleek & Straight Lob

Sleek & Straight Lob #mediumhair

Source: gulevich.vladimir via Instagram

Perfectly sleek, straight, shine-reflecting hair texture is something that will always be associated with sophistication, chicness, and refinement of a woman. Such hairstyles show that a woman knows her own value, keeping her hair in a good, healthy state. And it goes without saying that a medium one-length cut is the best base for bringing the beauty of straight hairstyles in the spotlight. A well-leveled bob will help you to keep the ideal balance of length and volume, thus creating an absolutely harmonic ensemble.

Choppy Wavy Bob For Thick Hair

Choppy Wavy Bob For Thick Hair #mediumhair

Source: headrushdesigns via Instagram

Choppy layers have come into our world to make heads turn. Their sharp, lively shape amps up the body of the haircut, giving it a voluminous and a little bit reckless body, which is a win-win for those who play big! Here, you can see how those layers transform into waves, breathing new life into unruly thick locks. In fact, that’s how you can reveal the real potential of your thick texture, making the fullness and volume give themselves away and finally show up at their best.

Side-Swept Inverted Wavy Bob Medium Haircuts For Women

Side-Swept Inverted Wavy Bob Medium Haircuts For Women #mediumhair

Source: headrushdesigns via Instagram

A bit of imbalance is the last step to building flawlessly balanced haircut! As you know already, inverted bob haircuts with their new take at classic crops are enough to freshen up your look. But, there’s no limit to perfection, right? If you want to make your inverted cut even bigger, sweep it to the side and get those waves! The wavy texture will intensify the movement of strands while the side-swept body will add more drama to the creative haircut, complementing it with an outweighed feel.

Waves With Messy Layers

Waves With Messy Layers #mediumhair

Source: headrushdesigns via Instagram

If you have no idea what to choose from the variety of medium haircuts for women, it’s better to go for something time-tested and failure-proof. So here comes the ageless combination of waves and layers dancing with one another messily. It doesn’t really matter what hair type you have, as this haircut works universally well for everyone. You won’t go wrong with it for two reasons. First, it looks unbelievably stylish. Second, the haircut brings tons of dimension, volume, and texture to the hair, be it a thin or a thick mane.


Center-Parted Wavy Lob

Center-Parted Wavy Lob #mediumhair

Source: via Instagram

Another stunning thing you can do with your lob! It’s a pretty easy yet absolutely irresistible hairstyle that will make you call your stylist and ask for a lob right now. The lob has turned out to be super face-flattering when it’s wavy and styled with a center part. It can conceal big forehead, frame up chubby cheeks, and simply make a face appear slimmer. The only thing should you do is to wave your locks and part them in the middle, distributing all the length evenly.

Side Waves With Choppy Ends

Side Waves With Choppy Ends< #mediumhair

Source: bescene via Instagram

There are lots of different cutting techniques, as well as lots of types of layering. And choppy ends is probably the lightest variation of layers ever. They provide an airy silhouette and amp up the whole haircut at once, making it light enough to be voluminous and don’t fall flat. Since they have such a gentle texture, they will be a fantastic match to everyone’s favorite beachy hairstyle!

Bob With Voluminous Waves Medium Haircuts For Women

Bob With Voluminous Waves Medium Haircuts For Women #mediumhair

Source: via Instagram

Volume in hair is something that we ladies can’t have too much. Some extra volume never hurts a hairstyle, as it can actually take it to the next level, no matter how simple the style is. And these voluminous waves on a classic shoulder-length bob are living proof! The burst of volume makes the haircut show up from the new light with its amazing fullness and well-shaped silhouette. The best thing is, the style can be a finishing touch to any occasion and is easy to do at home.

Bob With Layered Side Bangs

Bob With Layered Side Bangs #mediumhair

Source: via Instagram

Every time you feel that there’s something missing in your look, bangs come in. It’s not that they’re created to fill the gap in a woman’s image, but, this is actually another task they can handle. Not only do bangs can give a totally fresh take on your haircut but also help you to work on some features you’d like to improve. If you have a broad forehead, you can make it appear gentler by pocking straight bangs. As for this side fringe, it’s designed for ladies whose facial features are edgy and sharp, as it can soften those angles. On top of that, bangs can add more fullness to the look if you get them layered.

Wavy Bob With Center-Parted Bangs Medium Haircuts For Women

Wavy Bob With Center-Parted Bangs Medium Haircuts For Women #mediumhair

Source: via Instagram

Wavy bob and center-parted bangs is a duo that will make you forget about being dissatisfied with your round face once and for all. Waves give the needed framing touch to the cheeks, making the face slimmer visually. Curtain bangs, in their turn, complement the framing, balancing out the whole silhouette by slightly hiding the forehead. Even without all those benefits, the look itself is gorgeous and feminine – just what the doctor ordered for romantic summer dates.


Shoulder-Skimming Wavy Bob

Shoulder-Skimming Wavy Bob #mediumhair

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Wavy medium haircuts for women are nothin but saving graces! In less than 20 minutes, you can create a hairstyle full of lively movement, effortless dimension, and natural volume. Who could ask for more? A classic shoulder-length bob, a texturizing product, and a curling iron are all you need to rock a trendy hairstyle that celebrities and runway icons are so crazy about.

Feathered Mid-Length Style With Bangs

Feathered Mid-Length Style With Bangs #mediumhair

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

If not feathers, what can make your strands airy and voluminous at the same time? Feathering is another cutting technique that is close to layering; it involves cutting small sections of hair to give them a bit of an edge, thus letting them stand out and volumize the texture. Of course, it works best on thin hair, because this hair type often lacks dynamics and volume. This pic showcases the power of feathers on medium-length hair: if you finish the look with soft bangs blending with the rest of the hair, you will nail flaunting with feathers.

Wavy Shaggy Bob With Bangs Medium Haircuts For Women

Wavy Shaggy Bob With Bangs Medium Haircuts For Women #mediumhair

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Now, it’s time to give a new definition of freedom! When your need for being in the spotlight reaches its highest, nothing can tame it better than a wild messy shag that one can see coming from a mile away? The hairstyle you see above is a modern perm done on layered fine hair. Yes, this is how you can whip your fine locks into perfectly voluminous shape. Wondering how you can make the visual impact more powerful? Get shaggy bangs, girl!

Messy Wavy Lob With Disconnected Ends

Messy Wavy Lob With Disconnected Ends #mediumhair

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Those who have naturally wavy hair pattern since birth and want to embrace their texture should go for disconnected ends. It’s all about details, remember? This haircut is designed specifically for wavy hair types and involves roughly cut ends that stick out with their sharp shape. In this way, waves look more natural and distinctive, enhancing the beauty of your pattern.

Extra Long, Sleek & Voluminous Bob Medium Haircuts For Women

Extra Long, Sleek & Voluminous Bob Medium Haircuts For Women #mediumhair

Source: rodrigocintra via Instagram

Once your lob grows out, don’t rush to call your hairstylist for an update. Bob haircuts have many facets, and you can try all of them by simply letting your length do its own thing. This bob is about to cross the line between a lob and what we call long hair, and it still looks gorgeous and voluminous. To keep up with such a rich look when your bob becomes longer, ask your stylist for soft layers at the crown: it will keep your hair voluminous no matter how long your tresses are. Plus, imagine how much framing you can do with this idea!

As you can see now, medium haircuts for women are super versatile and can compliment any woman. We hope that our post helps you pick the haircut that is true to you.

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