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Inverted Bobs That Are Popular

Bob haircuts are one of the most popular styles these days and it appears as though they will never go out of style.

One of the trendiest looks is the inverted or stacked bob as it is the most flattering. This A-line bob haircut adds texture and volume. Long bob haircuts can help to get rid of unwanted heaviness for those with thicker hair while managing movement and texture. As for short bob haircuts, they can add a great deal of fullness and volume to thinner hair.

Bob haircuts are great because they are extremely versatile. You can opt for a sleek and smooth look or go for a sexy tousled feel with loose curls. Adding a burst of color can add depth to any bob haircut whether you opt for balayage tones, ombre hair, bold streaks or simple and classy highlights and/or lowlights. You will discover that there are dozens of stylish options for bob hair cuts.

If you see a cut that has the curved horseshoe shape in the area of the nape of the neck, then you can bet you’re looking at an inverted bob. Do you know that a graduated bob and an inverted bob are the same cut? If you have naturally thick hair, then you may want to consider the swing bob. Layers tone down the volume and make your straight hair look very smooth. If you’re looking to add dimension, tease the crown and throw in some dark roots.

If you want to add some thickness to your hair, then you should add a curly texture. One of the best ways to increase volume is with the addition of some curls. Yet, there are hairstyles that allow you to keep a great deal of your length with an inverted bob. Some cuts length extends past the shoulders, allowing for varied styling options.

One of bob haircuts is an ideal option for someone who wishes to rid herself of the weight of long hair in the preparation for those hot summer months. Women love the bob haircut due to the versatility of this cut. A woman can style her hair to suit any occasion whether for the office, a day of relaxation or even a formal event.

If you are interested in taking your hairstyle one step further, there are various options for pumping up your style. You can choose subtle color changes, blending or even bold contrasting streaks or highlights are options one could consider. More adventurous and stylishly edgy women have even opted for all over drastic color accents such as pink, green and even blue to name a few.

You can even go for a subtle yet effective look by adding highlighting accents to the ends of the long layers at the front of your haircut. An additional bolder option to consider is contrasting color options for your haircut. A dark base with a lighter top color adds depth and dimension that is absolutely stunning.

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