Medium length haircuts have made it easier for women to choose hairstyles that are neither long nor short. Short and long hairstyles used to be the two main options available, but now, women can comfortably choose to be in between the two. If you’ve been observant, you’d notice that medium hairstyles have taken over and are currently the most common hair length among women.


Are you looking for medium length hairstyles that flatter your type of hair? One of the best ways to flaunt your gorgeous locks lies in one of the many trendy shoulder-length hairstyles that are popular today. With some long layers or soft angled edges around your face, you can have added volume, texture, and movement at the same time.

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Medium Length Haircuts for 2023

Looking to switch up your hairstyle with a trendy medium-length cut? We caught up with Olga Markuse, a UK-based expert hairstylist with a decade of experience, to get her insights on what's hot right now. Here's what Olga had to say about the latest trends for medium-length haircuts:

Perhaps, the most compelling trend for medium hair is classic layers – think of the Rachel cut and classic ‘2000s textured haircuts. Butterfly layers, featuring a heavily layered crown while keeping the longer length at the bottom, is another extremely popular haircut.

Long side swept bangs are on the rise, as well as bottleneck fringe – a shorter, eyebrow-grazing version of curtain bangs that resembles the neck of a glass Coke bottle.

Side parts are back in, this time combined with wispy face-framing layers and bouncy waves. However, if you prefer more of an edgy look, 2023 has something in store for you too. Shag cuts and mullets are still high on the list, this time with softer, more blended silhouettes.

Before you choose a new styling approach for your hair, you should ask yourself if the haircut will really fit your hair type. Whatever your choice is, it should also be the perfect match for your face shape in order for it to fit you like a glove. Below, you’ll see the best shoulder-length haircuts you can choose from, as well as styling tips.


Medium Shag + Curtain Bangs


This style is particularly flattering for those with oval, heart, or square-shaped faces. The curtain bangs beautifully balance out angular features, softening the overall look. The layered shag complements various hair textures, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking an easy-to-manage yet stylish option. With its adaptability and timeless appeal, the Medium Shag with Curtain Bangs is a go-to choice for those looking to infuse their look with a touch of contemporary flair.

Soft Medium Mullet


This soft mullet is a modern take on the iconic mullet hairstyle. Characterized by its longer length and subtle layering, this medium mullet variation offers a more refined and versatile look. The soft, flowing layers add movement and texture, creating a stylish, laid-back vibe.

With its contemporary twist on a classic style, such cut is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique, edgy look that can be adapted to suit various occasions and personal styles. It's a bold yet wearable choice that allows for self-expression and individuality.


Fancy Flipped Layers


Fancy flipped layers are among the medium length hairstyles for thick hair. With feathers starting from the shortest layers just above the cheekbones and a sexy side part, this asymmetrical hair style is gorgeous, fun, and trendy at the same time. This look is best if you have an oval-shaped face and thicker straight hair.

Styling Tips: To style, blow-dry your hair smooth and then curl section by section with a medium-sized curling iron, but flip the ends straight out. If you like, you can also tease the crown to add more height. This style looks great with a deep two-toned balayage effect, so you can go for it in addition to your modern look.

Textured Layers


You don’t need to have thick hair to achieve this. It’s one of the medium length hairstyles for thin hair. These disconnected layers add a great deal of texture to your medium-length hair.

With shorter layers and the crown, plus fun and funky flips, you will look years younger with this stunning style. This style is best if your blonde or light brown.

Styling Tips: Blow-dry your hair until totally dry using your fingers to comb through it. Next, use a flat iron to flip out the ends. Then take random sections and cut out the edges quickly. Gently run your fingers through to break up the flips as you add a texturizing product. This is another look that works great with multi-faceted balayage or funky streaks throughout.


Side-Swept Hairstyle With Medium Length Layers


This hairstyle allows for a fuller top section because of its medium-length layers that surround the crown. Usually, women spend much time teasing in order to achieve this look. And you will have it naturally due to your hair thickness and this cut. Subtle partial highlights will accentuate those layers and make them appear more texturized.

Elongated Layered Cut With Volume


It’s no secret that when our hair starts to grow out, it loses the volume. But, actually, it’s not going to happen to you if you know how to ask for layers. Here you can see an elongated cut that strikes with tons of volume. How? Just go for layers that move from the back of the head to the crown.

Simply Sophisticated Angled Layers


Subtle layers can help accentuate the shape of your head as well as your features. These slight layers give a sleek, tapered look that works best for square-shaped faces. Add a straightening product and blow dry your hair smooth. Next, add a thermal protectant and flat iron your hair in thin sections starting at the nape of your neck. Highlights or lowlights give this stunning look added depth and dimension.


Bold Blue Layered Locks With Rose Wreath


This shade of blue is so pretty, and a bit of uneven layers give this look a messy and casual vibe. The slight waves add movement to this playful style. Adorn your hair with a pretty floral headband like the one pictured here for a sensual look and feel that will make any man stop.

Chestnut Ombre Thick Layered Locks


Show this pic to everyone who gave up fighting for a well-balanced look because they think nothing can work for their thick hair. To tell you the truth, many women spend ages complaining about their unruly locks when they can get to know layers and find a hairdresser who can nail their structure. Here, you can see how super thick and unmanageable locks have obeyed to the power of awesome layers and textured ends. Why don’t you recreate this amazing hair experience?

Shoulder Length Lob With Layered Front


The layered front is a modern idea designed for ladies who want to rock dimensional looks. Such haircuts work awesomely for ombre or balayage hair as they can enhance the play of colors, accentuating the movement of each one. Plus, they’re unbelievably easy to style, which is a win-win for busy girls.


Lob With Swoopy Face Framing Layers


Layers have many faces and advantages. And their face-framing power is probably the most desirable one! Women who want so soften up their prominent angles can get their hair fully layered: the smaller pieces of hair will fall on your face, working on the balance. As for ladies who want to add some edge, choppy layers will give the sense of sharpness to their appearance.

Curly Lob With Feathered Ends


Does your hair tend to lose its natural bounce and fall flat because of the weight of your hair? If so, that’s a problem. Unless you know about feathers! And if you don’t trust us, try not to believe in the magic of this pic: lightweight texture at the ends changes the whole look for better. Do you have grey roots? That’s a problem, too. Unless you don’t let them take over your look and switch to a total grey one! The amazing gray hue on this lob is just the icing on the cake.

Blunt Lob With Straight Bangs


More and more fashion models are appearing with a blunt bob with straight bangs on runway shows and commercial shootings. Well, no wonder: some combinations are too perfect to ever fade away. The good news is, that the look is absolutely low-maintenance and easy to style for women with all hair types. Just style your damp hair with a round brush in one hand and a dryer in the other, and the agelessly trendy style will be with you all day long.


Asymmetrical Lob With Waves


A subtle touch of imbalance is another way to freshen up your look, adding more individuality to it. On lob haircuts, the asymmetrical structure appears less drastic and dramatic than on shorter cuts, while still giving a nice fresh take at the hair. There’s a straightforward and stylish idea to style such a haircut. Prep your hair with a heat protectant and set your curling wand into motion. For a relaxed look, work with thick, long strands, wrapping them loosely.

Middle-Parted Messy Lob


Middle-parted lob hairstyles are not as simple as they seem to be! In fact, there’s nothing complicated in parting hair to the middle and finishing it with a soft hint of messiness. But, let’s not forget that perfection lies in simplicity. Also, the center part helps your hair to fall evenly, creating a sophisticated, super-balanced look.

A-line Blonde Wavy Lob


A-line bob haircuts, where long, face-framing tresses gradually become shorter to the back look their best on wavy textures, especially when you need some volume and movement. Every woman with thin locks should try such a look at least once in her life to finally fall in love with her hair. Want to make it even bigger? A dirty blonde shade with lowlights will do the trick.


Sandy Wavy Side-Parted Lob

Side-parted medium-length hairstyles always look elegant and feminine due to their balanced and simple structure. The heavy portion of such styles adds a whole lotta volume to the look while the other side brings a sense of harmony. Needless to say, effortless hair color and waves can turn this hairstyle into a red carpet look.

Wavy Lob With Caramel Highlights


Another successful combination of a wavy lob with highlights! This time, the colors match ideally while still giving a hint of contrast. Such a color job provides so much needed movement, thus making the waves look more voluminous visually. When you have no idea what your next transformation should be, you can give it a shot with your eyes closed: you won’t be mistaken.

Straight Lob With Feathered Ends


Feathered ends are the salvation that turns thick unruly locks into well-groomed and manageable masterpieces. This cutting technique is designed to take off some weight from heavy tresses and make them lighter. In this way, you can achieve a chic and pointed lob that will be stealing the show 24/7.


Shaggy Medium-Length Bob


Style the ends of those layered locks so that they can stick to various directions, and the thick tresses will seem lighter. That will make you feel as if your hair is so airy. Ladies who have thicker hair have sported shaggy haircuts for several years already and gladly keep doing so. Such haircuts are associated with casualness.

A-Line Bob Haircut


Brunettes indeed can have more fun! This hairstyle with matching, effortless black shades will tell everyone that you know how to take your haircut to a brand new level! With an A-line blunt bob, there is nothing that can go wrong! What is more, none of your photos will go unnoticed as you will look amazing in each and every one of them! Go creative!

Long Bob With Highlights


A bob is a classic cut, especially for medium hair. Color your look with your favorite shades to put your signature on it. Decide on which color technique will intensify the beauty of the chosen hues and finish the all-flattering long bob with a perfectly matching color play. And don’t ever stay away from highlights! They’re not only beautiful but also practical, as they have nothing to do with damage and brassiness.


Straight Angled Bob


If you want a look that's more subtle and sophisticated, this angled bob is just for you. With slightly longer ends in the front, this cut is very chic. To style, just blow-dry straight and then run a flat iron through your hair for a sleek look. Remember to add a shine serum for extra sheen!

Middle-Parted Highlighted Long Bob


A middle part is a perfect idea for those seeking ideal balance and harmony in their looks. This styling choice goes well with lots of hairstyles like waves and sleek updos while giving a pleasant framing touch to the look. Also, once you style your locks to the center, you will see the even structure of your cut. By the way, it will look like a red-carpet hair if you spice it up with some dimensional highlights.

Brunette To Mauve Ombre For Long Wavy Bob


When your hair grows out, it tends to lose its natural lift and bounce. Unless you get a cut that shapes your ends and prevents them from falling flat and finishes it with color that turns dull hair into a lively mane! Although it’s hard to imagine a brunette base with a mauve color, setting the latter to its pastel mode will change your picture of these two shades once and for all.


Middle Parted Medium Length Wavy Bob


The long bob haircut or lob that ends just above the collarbone looks fantastic, no matter if the hair is naturally straight, wavy, or curly. Styling products and tools easily create different textures for this shoulder-length hair style. The long bob can be styled neatly, and there are times when life requires poise, but long bobs love the wild freedom of a messy hairstyle. This model shows you why. Her long bob with soft waves gracefully frames her cute face. The balayage hairstyle, in which the hairstylist adds varying tones to make it appear as though the sun added highlights to the waves, grants another level of depth and splendor.

Medium Haircut With A Fringe


This haircut might seem to be too simple the first time you see it. However, it has one essential hidden quality – your hairstylist can tailor it for you. The moment you realize it, believe us, you will never give it up for the trendiest haircut. By the way, this haircut often comes with a fringe. In case you'd like to give it a shot, look for the one that blends seamlessly into those loose layers.

Straight Mid-Length Chestnut Style With Long Bangs


Straight hair can become even more dynamic and attention-grabbing once you bless it with long bangs. It’s crucial to make them fall seamlessly with the rest of your hair so as not to ruin the fascinating texture of straight locks. Don’t worry; the additional layer of hair won’t turn out to be a burden. On the contrary, it will give you more room for styling experiments. Style your hair as you would style a classic lob, with a round brush and dryer. A tip: a natural shade of brown or blonde will enhance the natural shine in your light-reflecting look.


Sexy And Shaggy Curtain Bangs For Medium-Length Hair


This cut is great for those who love the ever-trendy “rocker-chick” look. Full thick bangs and point-cut ends give it a jagged edge. This style is best for brown shadow roots with blonde tips. Another beautiful this about it is that you can transition from short to mid-length hairstyles like this one.

Styling Tips: Apply a light styling foam or mousse before drying to give it texture. Blow-dry using a paddle brush or your fingers till your hair is completely dry and smooth. Additionally, apply a texturizing product for more volume from time to time. Do not flat iron your hair because you want this look to appear edgy and gritty as opposed to sleek, after all.

Long Face-Framing Curtain Bangs In An Updo


Most people assume only those with long hair can have fun braiding, twisting, and creating updos. Wrong! Shoulder length hair offers just as many, if not more, options. Consider the low ponytail, for example. First of all, it’s extremely popular. Secondly, it has so many uses. Lastly, it’s a great casual style for the gym or while running errands and it’s a perfect chic style for the office and job interviews. When wavy hair is put into a high ponytail (natural or curled), it can even be appropriate for the red carpet. Playing up the eyes is an absolute must when hair is pulled off the face. This model’s stunning blue eyes practically beg for her to pull back her hair. Her ice blonde color makes her eyes “pop” even more and is an excellent choice for her skin tone.

Middle-Length Hair With Bottleneck Bangs


The thin wisps that drape over this model’s forehead look terrific on her oval face. She can wear almost any style of bangs – straight across her forehead or off to the side, or bottleneck bangs, like on the picture. Note that uneven or choppy bangs look good on round and square faces, though women with round faces should stay away from thick, blunt-cut bangs. By the way, a round brush and blow dryer will add extra volume to bangs.


Medium-Length Hairstyles With Braids

In case you wonder which updos will be perfect for the mid-length tresses, we can tell you one thing: the occasion and your preferences are things that matter. In the meantime, let’s discuss the most widespreadq1swq updo hairstyles you can pull off.

  1. Buns. Buns are among the easiest updos that everyone can pull off by themselves. And in case medium-length hairstyles for thin hair are what you are currently searching, a bun will require some effort to pull off. The size of the bun will demonstrate that your tresses lack the body. However, you can easily hide it by backcombing. Thus, the size of the bun will be enlarged with the added volume. As simple as that!
  2. Knots. A modern knot tends to be messy and loose. To get a high or low imperfect knot, you just need to lift the hair from the roots by teasing it. Then you can add some loops by pulling at strands here and there.
  3. Braids. These days you can rarely see a casual updo without any braids. That's because elements are quite welcome in up-to-date updos, whether they are in the spotlight or act as auxiliary elements.
  4. Styles that involve several components. There are times when keeping it plain is not your intention. The fanciest styles consist of multiple components and combine braids and knots, braids and buns, curls and twists, etc.

As examples, here you can observe some cool and cute styling options:

Shoulder Length Braided Hairstyle


Do not listen to those who say that braids aren’t made for medium hair – they know nothing! This single Dutch braid across your forehead not only keeps your hair out of your face but also creates that cute and fabulous look many babes dream about!

Big Braids For Medium Length Hair


If you have shoulder-length hair, you can still pull off pretty braided hairstyles, and here you can observe some cute representatives of this intertwined caste. Try one when you get tired of wearing your hair simply loose. Besides, such a hairstyle will work for any holiday!


Lovely Crown Braid


Crown braids are very elegant and chic because they're simple but delicate. That's why they are perfect for a formal event such as a wedding or prom. However, you can wear them any time you want as they are so pretty and stylish. End the braid in a messy bun to show the world that you don’t take yourself too seriously, as well as add a bit of a carefree vibe to the look.

Double Dutch Braids


These double Dutch braids are super cute and playful, which is a win-win option for when you'd like to look flirty. Braids are so young and carefree: just in case you want to recapture your youth with a soft and feminine hairstyle.

Half-Up Headband Braid


When you have mid-length tresses, braids seem to be something nearly impossible for you. However, we can assure you that everything is possible in this life. Just look at these funky hairstyles with braided elements. Aren’t they the definition of style and fun? Just add some texturizing product to the clean, wet hair and blow-dry before you start braiding. Thus, you will get a carefree and super trendy hairstyle to really rock it.


Loose Faux Hawk-Styled Locks With Side Braid


Medium shoulder-length haircuts allow for various hairstyles, including braided updos. And even though the pool of styling options is not that big, compared to longer hairstyles, you won’t get bored for sure. And that is great news because sometimes we cannot do without updos. For example, when it’s hot and we wish to move the hair away from our face and neck. Or when there is a formal event ahead that suggests a quite elegant hairstyle that is preferably pulled up.

Flirty Curls For Medium-Length Hair

Delicate Curls


These loose delicate curls are very feminine for a soft, playful look. The curls make you look younger and vibrant.

Styling Tips: First, apply a high-quality styling product to slightly damp hair and blow dry using a round brush. Next, add a thermal protectant and make big, bouncy, loose curls using a medium-barreled curling iron. Lastly, run your fingers gently through your hair to loosen the curls, and then spray with a flexible hold hair spray.


Big Voluminous Curls


One of the greatest things about curly medium-length hairstyles is that they work equally well for ladies with thin and thick hair. Thin hair requires more styling products than ticker manes, but that’s not a big deal. Such defined curls can become a striking finishing touch to your formal look, complementing your silhouette and framing your face with its full and voluminous twists.

Loose Silver Curls


There’s a huge benefit of having thick hair: it never lacks dimension, whatever haircut or hairstyle you rock. But, you can always make it better with a textured style and dynamic hair color. Silvery shades, where whitish blonde melts with trendy salt and pepper hues, are an amazing way to embellish your casual wavy hairstyle. To tell you the truth, with such a color, the hairstyle will look rather regal than just casual.

Voluminous Curled Blond Locks


Women with thick hair are lucky. Dry ends are essentially their only problem; most styles and hairdos turn out well, and they can usually rely on all styling tools to work as expected. Their heavy hair, however, tends to lack movement and can look false, particularly if they use strong-hold hair products and limit their cuts to one-length styles. Dimension, shape, and color techniques provide motion and medium length hairstyles for thick hair and let hair sway. This bob haircut is a fantastic option. The forward angle and the subtle highlights add body and motility. Wavy hair adds even more bounce. If the hair isn’t naturally curly, curling irons, straighteners, and/or sea salt sprays easily attain the spectacular uneven effect.


Volume Adding Wavy Styles For Medium-Length Hair

Wavy Medium Hairstyle With Middle Part

Waves and highlights from the beautiful duo we won’t ever be able to resist. It doesn’t matter what your natural hair color is, emphasizing its charm by highlighting some of the strands with contrastive colors will always be a good idea to get a fresh take on your hair. Waves are probably the best way to show off the dimension of colors: they enhance everything around them, especially when they’re styled with a center part.

A-Line Wavy Medium Length Hairstyle


The enviable silhouette of A-line cuts is the reason to be proud of your hair. No wonder that so many girls cut their hair medium: such cuts look ravishing on this length. One of the best things is that it’s so easy to style, as the length is pretty manageable. So getting voluminous and textured waves won’t be a problem! Just look what a full silhouette the asymmetric A-shape haircut gets when it’s waved. Just try it out.


Messy Wavy Medium Hairstyle


Though messy looks work awesome for thin hair, giving them a lot of body, fullness, and movement, there’s a messy approach for thick hair too. The point is to wave your medium length hair as messily and randomly as possible so that each lock is styled in a different direction. In this way, you will calm down your thick locks, creating a stylish silhouette to them.

Blunt Wavy Hairstyle


Once you get tired of your one-length cut, don’t rush to call your hairstylist right away. Maybe the time for new styling ideas has finally come! A wavy hairdo, where thin and subtle layers blend with thick, bigger ones is a stunning way to give a fresh take at your blunt cut. By the way, such medium length hairstyles are not only easy to achieve; they will also spice up your mane with a ton of fullness.

Easy Medium Length Hairstyle For Thick Wavy Hair


Women with thick curls often grumble that their hair is hard to work with and turn to blow dryers and flat irons to straighten their unruly locks. But why? If they had a proper haircut and used the appropriate products, they would see their natural hair as a gift. Easy medium length hairstyles for thick wavy hair, such as this dazzling bob, lessen bulk without losing bounce. Thick wavy hair can handle practically all of the popular medium hairstyles and color techniques and actually requires less care. Just work in the right product, spray on some sea salt, scrunch, then use a diffuser or air dry. It’s that simple. Once you go for it, you’ll wonder how and why you ever did anything else.


Blonde Waves With Dark Roots


Remember us telling you that the right color combination can drastically change the look of your hair? Well, we weren’t lying to you. Here, you can see how pleasant transition from ashy roots to summer-kissed blonde build tons of dimension and lightness to the hair. A wavy texture on softly textured thick locks is what makes the lovely flirty look complete.

Messy Auburn Waves


When you want to look natural and eye-catching at the same time, a shade of copper is something you can’t go wrong with. Depending on your complexion, find a brighter or deeper option to make all your medium length hairstyles fiery and enchanting. Even the good old waves will reveal their alluring sides, switching to flirty mood.

Wavy Updos Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair


You should always keep in mind that hairstyles for medium length hair look their best when you introduce some decorative elements in. Even a simple low bun looks fancy with the unusual metallic hairband, for example.


Wavy Low Updo Hairstyles


If you're searching for chic and easy hairstyles for medium length hair, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We have collected the brightest photos of updos for all occasions in your life. So, get inspired by our looks, and don’t be afraid to try it!

Middle-Parted Wavy Locks With Face-Framing Highlights


Knotted Hairstyles For Medium Length Locks


Outstanding Knotted Updo With Thick Braid


A knot is a universal hairstyle for medium length hair that can adapt to any occasion and outfit, as well as hair type and length. Apart from that, you can also improvise with hair color or a number of knots to create a unique style. In case you have some spare time at your disposal, then we strongly suggest you to upgrade your knot with a nice intricate braiding pattern.

Intricate Bow-Styled Knots For Medium Length Locks


There is a big number of mid-length hairstyles that are flattering, easy-going, timeless, and also appropriate for all possible solemn events. Undoubtedly, knots are among such hairstyles. And we can tell you that today small bow-styled knots are extremely popular as well. And no wonder why, as it looks so festive and sophisticated, but also creative and versatile. On top of that, knots are immensely cute and can be personalized in many ways in order to show off your unique style.

Messy Locks Styles With Two Big Knots


Knots are one of the go-to hairstyles on a hectic day. Lazy girls rejoice! These hairstyles you can do in one minute and your look will be stylish and chic enough for both a day at the office or a night in the city!


Elegant And Amazing Buns For Medium Length Hair

Layered Medium Length Hair With Space Buns


Space buns are incredibly popular these days. That is why opting for double braided space buns is what you need to look fantastic and even a little otherworldly. For the greater effect, you can also add some sparkles to your part altogether with some curls to your loose mane.

Updos Hairstyles Low Bun

Can you style some pretty updos if your hair is shoulder length? Why not. You can go for plenty of wonderful updo hairstyles which won’t ever give out your actual length. Besides, these styles will be perfect for casual looks or formal events!


Twisted Buns For Your Medium Hair


Another set of creative ways of curling is twisted buns, braids, and headband curls. They literally take you five minutes to do and, nevertheless, they look stunning. Basically, all you have to do is to sleep on them. And when you wake up, you already have an amazing ‘do. Isn’t it a miracle?

High Bun Hairstyles

A bun is one of the fashionable hairstyles and we can modify it as we wish to depend on the event, outfit, and makeup. It is a good style that makes you feel not just beautiful but truly feminine. Once you pull it off, let the compliments pour in.

Pretty Messy Bun Hairstyle


Bun hairstyles are super lovely and not time-consuming at all. And you can sport it anywhere, at parties and at work. These tricks will help you appear flawless wherever you go.

  • Use spin pins rather than bobby clips when creating a bun style for it to stay on longer.
  • Don’t apply anti-frizzing products because they decrease the shine of your hair. Instead, it’s better to use a hairbrush that has boar bristles that will easily fetch out oil and dirt.
  • Make hair more voluminous by using big rollers. It will take you less effort to create waves with big rollers compared to smaller rollers.


Low Bun Boho Chic Chick


These funky waves are bold, daring, and the thick, multi-level bangs rock this retro-chic look with a fun Bohemian flair. This style is very popular among female celebrities that have chosen shoulder-length hairstyle. It gives you a touch of unique and sassy look.

Styling Tips: Pull your hair from the far back and add a deep side part to create full, sexy bangs. Then, make large, loose, bouncy, and defined curls. Add a trippy hairband or another funky hair accessory to play up this carefree style.

Loose Locks In a Low Twisted Bun


Hairstyles With Pretty Ponytail


Low Pony With Bangs


A ponytail with bangs is a classic look, indeed. As a matter of fact, it was a huge thing in the 50s. Since that was more than seventy years ago, wearers need to modernize it and work it into current styles. Right now, there is a wide assortment of fun medium length hairstyles with bangs. Bangs are a great option for any woman, regardless of her age, hair type, or lifestyle. They let her try a new look without having to get a totally new cut, saving her from commitments in this way. These layered bangs look great whether the model here decides she wants to look formal or casual. A pulled back, half up half down look, whether it’s a low knot, low bun, or even a ponytail, looks elegant, and the soft curls around her face add charm. She can go anywhere, seriously.

Medium Length Locks Styled Into Loose Braided Ponytail


Low Ponytail & Face-Framing Locks


This blonde wavy medium length hairstyle is so pretty and alluring, especially with a touch of metallic charm created by accessories. The platinum blonde face-framing locks look super sexy, but the medium-sized layered ponytail gives this look a chic vibe. This style will also look pretty with floral pins in your hair, along with a short black leather skirt and high-heeled shoes to complete this paradoxically strict and sexy look.


Half-Up Styles For Medium-Length Hair

Cute Half-Up Style With Thick Intricate Braid


Half up hairstyles are perfect medium length hairstyles for thick hair because they remove that unnecessary bulk from your tresses. And women with other hair types can sport such hairstyles as well. Has it ever come to your mind to braid your shoulder-length locks? It’s time to try!

Messy Half-Up Hairstyle With Floral Accessories

Those with thick hair might fear that they have few hairstyle choices. Half-up mid-length tapered and layered hairstyles are much more vibrant than one-length ones. Plus, they’ll add movement to heavy hair. Choppy layers on this model’s thick hair give her a stunning messy hairstyle that’s also chic and definitely feminine. The layers and waves spontaneously give her light hair volume and dimension.


Elegant Half-Up Style With Face-Framing Locks


Half-up medium hair styles done with a curling iron are super easy to do but super hard to take eyes off. They add you a touch of playfulness and tons of volume, not to mention the modern look. Besides that, they look extremely feminine. And last but not least, it is not a secret that men like textured wavy and curly hair.

Half-Up Hairstyle With Floral Accessories For Straight Hair


Women who rock their tresses shorter often notice that half updos are quite difficult to pull off, especially if the hair is tricky to style. However, it’s so boring to wear the hair loose every single day, right? Plus, half-up hairstyles are quite trendy these days. Truly, a half-up hairstyle that includes any elements like buns, braids, or ponytails is totally in.

P.S. A touch of seductive warmth is all your dark hair needs to show its new enchanting side. When put into an elegant half-up style with light floral pins, this lovely combination will give you the hair look you never dreamed to have!

Straight Hairstyles For Thick Medium-Length Hair


Straight Thick Hair


Thick hair will look awesome if you smooth out your hair. To do so, you can’t do without a cutting technique that will make your hair more manageable and flexible for styling. Ask your stylist to sharpen the edges of your hair by taking off the extra weight from them. Once your precise haircut is done, let your blowdryer and round brush come in. To make the hair super sleek, lock the style with a cool shot button.

Middle Parted Straight Haircut


Sporting straight hair can be a disaster sometimes: we all know that it looks very sexy and attractive, but once it encounters a wind blowing, everything goes so wrong. Here’s a little tip to make your straight hair stay beautiful in any weather: style your hair with a deep middle part and secure it with some coats of hairspray.

Rounded Medium Length Style For Straight Hair


When styled right, straight hair texture adds a sophisticated, smart, and a bit sexy finish to a woman’s look, be it her casual, night-out, or a business look. What can compare to flawless sleekness that reflects light so intensively that it seems to make people blind? A rounded lob with cascading layers, regular conditioning, and oil-based styling sprays are all you need to wear a masterpiece on your head.


Straight Shoulder Length Haircut


As you can see, a simple side part can add some sensuality to a mid length bob. Whatever style you choose, this type of cut will make you feel more alive and confident!

Let’s talk about some of the pros of mid length hair to help convince you to trim those tresses!

  1. A mid length cut can help emphasize your facial features, thus turning imperfections into a harmony.
  2. There are countless styles for shoulder-length haircuts.
  3. Shoulder length hair is great for the summer because it is much cooler and more lightweight.
  4. Mid length cuts add can remove dull weight from long, thick hair, making them more manageable as a result.
  5. Shoulder length hairstyles can add volume and bounce to thinner tresses as well.
  6. Also, shoulder length hair is a great compromise for those who want to get rid of some length without going too short.
  7. You can still wear your hair in a cute updo or half updo.
  8. Shoulder length hair is perfect for playing around with fun color options such as ombre or balayage tones.
  9. Medium length hairstyles are less prone to knots and tangles than really long hair.
  10. A cute mid length cut can really boost your self-esteem and make you feel years younger.

If you are looking for medium straight hairstyles to help remove some of the weight from your hair, you might want to consider one of these straight shoulder-length hairstyles. For those with naturally straight hair, it will be a breeze to style.

Straight medium length bob hairstyles are great as you are still able to pull your hair back if you wish. As well, they are comfortable for hot summer days and are very sleek and professional looking. However, if you leave them a bit tousled, they can be sexy as well!

Super Sleek Straight Pinky Hair


There’s one strange paradox about creative girls with rich imagination: they can’t imagine their lives without experiments. Well, we don’t blame them! On the contrary, we’ve prepared a classy way to play around with your look if you’re one of those seeking bright changes. This bold pinky sleek and straight medium length hairstyle deserves stealing, no doubt!

Asymmetrical Medium Haircuts


Sleek Asymmetrical Medium Haircut


A touch of asymmetry in your style can give a brand new silhouette to your look. Every girl gets tired of looking ordinary from time to time, so asymmetrical haircuts are here to freshen up your style. Such cuts usually involve ends texturizing, so the texture of your thick hair will be more airy, which will make it more comfortable to style it.

Messy Asymmetric Dimensional Caramel Hairstyle


There are two common ways to get the most of your thick asymmetric hairstyle. The first way focuses on the fullness of your hair, slightly lightening some strands to whip them into a decent shape. And the second is meant to make the texture appear softer, making every single lock airy. This hairstyle is a perfect implementation of the first idea: it creates irregular, asymmetric shape that emphasizes the richness of the thick texture.

Asymmetric Lob With Berry-Peach Balayage


See how this bold hairstyle works in tandem with long side bangs, as long as they blend into the layers. You can do whatever you want with these bangs – let them drape down or brush them off to the side. Whatever you decide, they will simply add more splendor to your shoulder length asymmetric hairstyle.

As you see, there are a ton of great medium length hairstyles, including haircuts for oval faces. The wrong haircut can make your thick hair seem lifeless. A fun and funky shoulder-length haircut can include anything from a bob cut to a shag cut or even a bold pixie cut in case you like it short.

Color adds texture to ordinary haircuts for round faces. Adding a burst of color with a balayage look, ombre colors, bold colorful streaks or even a daring new color with highlights can totally spice up medium length hairstyles. And there are plenty of hairstyling options that you can easily achieve with the right tools such as curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, or the right styling products for your haircut.


Medium Length Hairstyles: FAQ

What is the Length for Medium Length Hair?

A medium hair length is any hair length that ranges from 2 inches to 4 inches. The best way to measure medium hair is with your shoulder. This is why is it’s also known as shoulder-length hair.

Why medium length hair is the best?

Unlike short and long hair that may require a lot of attention to either styling or maintenance, medium-length hair offers the best sides of the two worlds. It has the low-maintenance routine of short hair and a great potential for styling experiments of long hair.

  • Layered hair is a hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume using long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume, as an easy style to manage. Source
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