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Sporting a Fade Haircut is Cool

A fade haircut – we all have heard these words, but what do they denote? It is a popular haircut that has bald back and sides with the hair emerging gradually as we move towards the top. Basically, it is a variation of a tapered cut, but here the length of the hair is drastically lower. Hairdressers often use a razor for the area around the back and sides and then when they move upward, they taper this cut so that the hair becomes thicker and thicker towards the top. As a result, the look is ‘faded.’

And this quality is common for all tapered types of haircuts, including the fade one: the very long top above really short hair.

There are several kinds of fade short haircuts, but low fades and high fades are the most widespread. High fades tend to fade completely towards the top, while low fades fade completely downward the back and sides.

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