LIVES IN: Chicago, Illinois, Woodfield location
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Susan Ford demonstrated her talent and great interest in the beauty industry very early, which earned her an opportunity to become an apprentice in a top salon in Dublin, where she comes from. After a four year training, she did not intend to stop her career but, on the contrary, took it to the next stage and moved to London. There, she managed to gain a ten year experience being a lead stylist. Since then, she has contributed to the world of beauty enormously. She has carried out editorial work for numerous fashion magazines and even predicted upcoming trends in hair styling for the most popular Chicago newspaper, Chicago Sunday Tribune. Moreso, she herself ran a feature about these trends on the front page.
To her professional achievements, you can also add creating runway looks for New York Fashion Week and taking part in EDUN launch in Chicago as the lead hair artist, which is a fashion line created by Bono from U2 and Ali Hewsen, and winning the title of the Precision Cutting Champion of North America. On top of that, Susan was invited as a guest hairstylist to work on the Artistic Collection for Aveda. Her looks then appeared in their “Transparency Collection.” Today, she holds the position of the Creative Director in Chicago’s Asha Salon Spa and provides the team members of salons with coaching.
SPECIALIZATIONS: Hair Cutting specialist

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