Fun And Trendy Ways To Style Long Hair Cuts

How to Style Long Hair Cuts

Long hair cuts are very trendy, but sometimes you can run out of styling options. Do you ever get tired of wearing your hair the same way day after day? Luckily, the number of ways to style your longer hair is limitless!


While haircuts for long hair might seem to be similar in style, they are really quite different. From texture to length to layers, there are literally dozens of ways to cut and style long hair. Not to mention color options such as ombre, streaks, highlights, and balayage tones!

From long bob haircuts to long, layered cuts to long shaggy cuts, the possibilities are endless!

Check out our favorite ways to style long hair cuts and make sure to pin your favorite styles for later! Remember to have a good variety of styling products at hand such as volumizing mousse, texturing spray, sea salt spray, thermal protectant and the like. Also, it always pays to have a good styling brush, a quality hair dryer and a variety of curling irons. And don’t forget the flat iron!

Funky Fishtail Braid

Source: Missy Sue

This fishtail braid is both stylish and feminine. Start on top of your head and make a fishtail braid that weaves down one side of your head. However, as you braid, loosen your hair gradually. At the nape of your neck, tie the end of the braid into a bun. Relax the top of the braid ever so slightly and spray with medium hold spray.


Sock Bun with Braid

Source: heidimariegarrett via Instagram

This elegant bun is quite sophisticated, if you want a sleek updo for a formal event. The sock bun allows for a larger, poofy bun that is very slick and classy. First, pull your hair high up, then roll it in a sock tube (minus the toes) and tie it around the ponytail. Next, tuck and pin it in place. Braid the remaining strands in a wrap-around braid for an extra touch of class.


Flipped Out Ends

Source: manuellobo via Instagram

This style with its lots of layers gives your hair extra volume and body. Simply blow dry and flip the ends out with a round brush. If you want a fun and carefree look, make a deep part so that your hair cascades gracefully over one shoulder for a slightly sexy vibe.


Loose and Carefree Braided Pony

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

This look is perfectly imperfect with its slightly disheveled long braid designed of looped ponytails. Leave the end loose and toss it over one shoulder for a seductive, flirty look.


Low Weave

Source: theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

This loose and messy weave is soft and feminine. To achieve this variation of the Gibson tuck updo, wrap your hair around a headband. Then secure it with pins at the nape of your neck for an air of romance.

Twisted Tresses

Source: lenabogucharskaya via Instagram

This twisted French roll is elegant yet playful. Loop the chignon through a ponytail and then divide it into 2 sections. Next, twist one side around and pin into a semi-circle.

Nest of Curls

Source: theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

We love this low bun with individual sections of hair that are perfectly twisted and tucked to create added volume and texture.


Braided Crown

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

This elegant crown fishtail braid is timeless and romantic! As you braid your hair into a fishtail, pull at it gently to loosen sections. Then wrap the braid around your hair, pinning it securely on one side. Leave out loose, curly tendrils to softly frame your face.

Curly, Double Braided Updo

Source: hair_by_pelerossi via Instagram

This look is great for those with thick hair who are looking for a fun new updo style. Make a thick braid and wrap it around your crown until it forms a thick bun-style and pin securely in place.

Side Braid with Top Knot

Source: abigailrosehair via Instagram

This look is so easy but super sexy. Simply create a side braid and then a messy half updo to add volume and height.


Long Layers with Blunt Fringe

Source: behindthechair_com via Instagram

This look is perfect for those with thick, straight hair. With its thick blunt fringe and long layers it is both stylish and super sexy! The thick bangs will draw attention to your gorgeous eyes. So, make sure you can rock the smokey eye shadow look for an extra sultry effect!

Braid and Bun Combo

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

This bun and braid combo is ultra chic and feminine. The highlights in this style give it added depth and texture. All you need to do is make to lackey braids and then wrap them into a messy, carefree bun at the crown of your head.

Face Framing Layers

Source: jackmartincolorist via Instagram

This look is totally sexy with its long wavy layers that softly frame the face. The soft highlights around the face make it even more fun and playful.


Long, Luscious Curls

Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

If you love curls, this one’s for you. These long and sexy waves can be done easily with hot rollers or a wide barreled curling iron.

Lots of Layers

Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

This look is perfect for those with thin hair who want to keep their long style but add some extra volume. Start with chin length layers and then add several more layers reaching the ends of your hair. Some soft and subtle balayage tones will add even more texture to this sexy style.

Side Braids and Curls

Source: kykhair via Instagram

Side braids are popular these days and not only among schoolgirls. The popularity is gained due to this stunning ability to look differently each time you try it out. Have you ever tried it?


Big Bow

Source: nealmhair via Instagram

Long hair may be difficult to deal with sometimes. But when you know what to do and how to, then there is nothing for you to worry about. Pastel-colored or not, but a bow ‘do looks gorgeous.

Big Braid

Source: theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

Usually ladies are seeking the ways to add some more volume to their hair. And nothing can be more voluminous than this blonde messy fishtail, can it?

Wavy Layering

Source: kykhair via Instagram

Wavy layering, especially when done on blonde hair, is peculiar to Hollywood glam hairstyles.


Double Fishtail French Braids

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

What can be better than a braid? That’s right, two braids! Show off your braiding skills and let them all be jealous.

High, Curly Ponytail

Source: kykhair via Instagram

Go for a high ponytail and wave your locks to get the perfect volume boost. Carefree, yet, elegant.

Classy Updo with Accessories

Source: hairandmakeupbysteph via Instagram

Accessorize your updo if you wish to turn the classics into glam. Pick a fancy embellishment for a chic look.


French Twist

Source: styles_by_reneemarie via Instagram

A twisted updo hairstyle appears quite elegant, would you agree? Leave out some strands for a sassy vibe.

Gorgeous Greece Hairstyle

Source: heidimariegarrett via Instagram

Do you believe that your ancestors came from Mount Olympus? Then this hairstyle is definitely for you, Goddess!

Which one of these styles for long hair cuts do you like best? We love each and every one! Long hair is so versatile that you can pick one look or try them all!