Ladies with long hair, blushing, often ask their friends a question: “Hey, how do you wear your hair during sex?” Sometimes they receive a sufficient answer, sometimes they don’t. But we are sure that here you can receive the fullest answer ever.


Besides useful tips with some flair, you can find the collection of hot hairstyles for your long locks if you read on. Pick one, and you will definitely mesmerize your boyfriend with you beauty.

This collection of bed, cute hairstyles will come in handy while you and your partner are having fun. And believe us, he will never guess that your hairstyle is planned and done.

Your Perfect Birthday Gift

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Take your boyfriend’s penis and gently wrap ‘him’ around with your gorgeous hair. Your next step is to pretend as if you are surprised to see such an amazing gift and quickly unwrap it. We hope that the length of your hair allows you to do such a fun and sexy trick without any discomfort. And really, this gesture can be a great part of some role play.


Your Most Memorable Hair Styling

There is always such a moment during sex when you should say hi to your boyfriend’s little, or let us not be that modest, big friend. But every time you try to do that with your loose hair you keep eating your hair or simply see nothing but your hair. Why not ask your honey to tie your hair in a topknot for you? Thus, you won’t be distracted from the job. Plus, where else can you get such extreme hair styling?

The Hottest Car Wash

Imagine that your long hair is a sponge and your boyfriend’s face is a car. Now wash that car with a sponge. However, do it carefully, otherwise, you will probably have to stop the process only to drag the hair out of your boyfriend’s mouth.


The Art Of Seducing With Scent

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There are many ways of wearing a scent, and perfume is probably not the perfect option for sex. Imagine that the heavy scent of your perfume is mixed with your and your boyfriend’s sweat. Well, that will be quite an aroma. So, instead of putting on perfume, why not be tricky and let your hair smell delicious? Just splurge on your conditioner, and believe us, you and your partner will be satisfied. Considering the lightness of the conditioner scent, it won’t be that bad when mixed with sweat.

Lock The Scream

Well, we all know that some of us ladies are quite loud during sex. And yes, it’s so hot usually. But sometimes it is not appropriate, for example, when you and your honey are on vacation in a hotel room with thin walls and nosy neighbors. You can put your hair in the mouth and keep it quiet. Or, do not restrain yourself and let those pervy guys over the wall drool all night long.


Live In The Moment

Let your tresses act like blinders, and you won’t see anything except your hot partner below you. This is especially useful in case you have been together for a while and sex has turned into some kind of a routine. Don’t you dare, girl, to peep at your favorite show running on the TV while you are having sex. Focus!

Have Relaxing Foreplay

Can your partner braid your long hair? It is time to teach him how to do that. This task might be too difficult for him during sex as, you know, his brain is a bit occupied. But braiding can be definitely a fun and relaxing part of foreplay. Pulling your hair will stimulate the effectors situated in your scalp. That will turn you on in a glimpse of an eye!

Act Like Anastasia Stele

Lack time to make a dive into a sex shop before having sex tonight but wish to spice things up a bit? Well, instead of playing with a fur or leather blindfold, you can create it with your hair. Wrap your hair around the face, and your natural blindfold is ready. Just do not forget your stop word while you are inhaling the mesmerizing scent of your hair.


Be The Star

You have probably seen a million of times a scene where a woman seductively shakes her head while being in a cowgirl position. Dreams come true, girl. Today it is time to do the same trick. And to fully realize that you look way better than all those actresses while doing that, film it and watch later!

Let Him Be In Control

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In case you are fond of doggy, this tip is for you. While in a doggy position, you can let your partner hold your tresses as if they were reigns. Thus, you will really turn on his ego. Being submissive once in a while is fun and it will totally turn out to be beneficial for you later. Do you like diamonds?

Lure That Seaman

Cover breasts with your hair, and you will resemble a fairy-tale mermaid. And your boyfriend will surely be curious what is hidden under your gorgeous hair.

Now you know that keeping your long hair loose while having sex can be so fun and really pleasant for both of you. Play with your gorgeous tresses and thus ring the changes on your sex life.


FAQ: Long Hair

What should I do with my hair during sex?

Here are some advices that will help you deal with your long hair during sex, so that you could enjoy the process to the maximum:

  • Put your hair up in a ponytail and get down to business.
  • Use hair primer.
  • Braids are fantastic because they offer so many possibilities.
  • You won’t have to worry about frizzy sex hair if you take a set of satin pillows to bed.
  • Simply climb on top and take control!

What’s the best hairstyle for sex?

A sloppy ponytail, like Kerry Washington’s, is surely one of the best sex-ready hairstyles of all time if it is done correctly. While a tight ponytail is more likely to cause discomfort during the act, a looser style eliminates the need to worry about your hair being in place.

How do I stop my hair from getting knotted during sex?

These six suggestions will help you deal with the tangled mess that often follows a wild outing:

  1. Use a tiny hairbrush.
  2. Make braids with your hair.
  3. Or make a classic ponytail.
  4. Use silk pillowcases.
  5. Use dry shampoo.
  6. Butterfly clips are a great way to keep your bangs in place.