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Blowout and Sexy

3. Sexy Side Sweep

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Sexy Side Sweep

This sexy side part will help you look years younger. Make a deep side part and let your hair fall seductively over one shoulder. You’ll feel like a movie star!

How to Style – Silky Blowout

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How to Style - Silky Blowout

Why pay for an expensive salon blowout when you can perfect this one of the prettiest hairstyles for long hair at home for free? Follow this simple tutorial to achieve a sexy, luscious blowout.

  1. Apply styling cream to hair, combing to make sure it is evenly distributed throughout your hair.
  2. Mist your hair lightly with a volume spray.
  3. Blow your hair dry using a medium or large round hairbrush. Work your hair away from your face as you dry it.
  4. Apply a quality shining serum when finished drying.
  5. To avoid frizz, use blowout spray and apply argon oil for a sleek shine. Volumizing cream will make your hair fuller while keeping it soft and light.

How to Style – Layered Hair with Flips

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How to Style Layered Hair with Flips

There is an important meeting ahead but you have no clue how to style your hair to suit the occasion best? We have something for you!

  1. First of all, you have to make sure that your hair is damp. To achieve that, use some cream gel.
  2. Blow dry your hair using a round brush.
  3. Add some hair spray to the ends.
  4. Curl the ends up a little, using a curling iron.
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