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Long Wavy Hair Styles to Fulfill Your Dreams

8. Silky Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Silky Hairstyles for Long Hair

We think this honey blonde and silver balayage combo is absolutely breathtaking on most long hair styles. The long waves are super sexy and the multi tonal color adds a ton of depth and dimension to your tresses. This look is playful yet sophisticated for a fun and flirty vibe! This style will look exceptional in the sunlight!

9. Beach Waves

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Beach Waves

Want to look like you just walked out of the ocean? This super sultry style is so easy to achieve if you have naturally curly hair. Simply wash your hair and spritz it with sea salt spray, tousle your tresses, let them air dry, and voilà! Sexy beachy waves. If you weren’t blessed with natural curls, you can still pull off this look with little time and patience and a curling wand!

10. Wavy Tips

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Curly Tips

We think this long layered haircut with just the ends curled is a very stately look fit for a queen! You’ll be the center of attention with this fun and flirty style!

11. Bangs with Waves

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Bangs with Waves

A bang can give a special look to any hairstyle. Straight bangs and beautiful waves – the perfect combination. Isn`t it?

How to Style – Pseudo Curls

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Pseudo Curls for Long Hair

This look is elegant and sophisticated and is taking the world by storm. Within a short time, you can have a simple and sexy trendy hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Dry your hair into vertical, long sections and spray each section well with a hairspray.
  2. Hold the hair straight out and then wrap it around a curling wand or iron one time in the middle, holding the ends of your hair in your hands.
  3. Repeat this for every section and spray with a light hairspray.
  4. Apply a finishing spray for extra lift and a long lasting hold.
  5. If you have thicker hair, you may need to flat iron your hair first for this style to prevent your ends from frizzing.
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